TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

To wave or not to wave? Riders, runners debate

A column in the Wall Street Journal asks whether you should wave at other joggers or bicyclists as you pass. Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie weigh in on the debate.

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>>> meantime, trending in the wall street journal , to wave or not to wave? with the official start of summer a few days away, one columnist is pondering whether or not to wave at fellow bikers as you pass. he is prowave and operates at a 74 to 94% wave rate. it's less of a deal to runners than cyclists. which makes sense. here comes al roker . good morning, do you wave?

>> i always wave.

>> really.

>> if somebody waves to me, i wave to them.

>> do you initiate the wave.

>> sometimes i do.

>> nice bike.

>> a little city bike action. i think it depends on their demeanor, their mood. sometimes people don't look like they want you to wave to them.

>> like the ones that flip you off.

>> like i saw you yesterday.

>> in central park i was running yesterday, if you wave at everyone the whole time you're like hi, hi.

>> that's not ri dick y --

>> if it's two of you passing each other on the street somewhere.

>> i run early in the morning on a country road . i may see three people during the entire run and we kind of give the whole nod.

>> sometimes you do a little head nod. a little acknowledgment but wave to everybody, you're wasting energy.

>> that would be exhausting but the calorie burning count way up there.

>> if you're taking your hand off the handlebars too, you have to factor that in.

>> safety first.

>> right, yeah.

>> i'm doing the tour de france . i'm getting right up there.

>> yeah.