TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

Friends bond by posing together in underwear

In what some are calling the latest trend in female empowerment, girlfriends are getting together to pose for sexy photos in their underwear or even nude. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>>> so much. we noticed something in tuesday's new york post and it caught our attention. a group of women posing together for nearly nude photos.

>> glad you say caught your attention. what is it all about? she has the details. good morning to you.

>> good morning. well, this definitely isn't for everyone. it might seem like an unusual way to bond, some are calling it the newest trend in female empowerment.

>>> these aren't even models. they're just a group of friends stripping down together for a photo shoot the way some girlfriends might decide to grab some cocktails or go to a spa.

>> is this something you ever thought you would be doing.

>> never. ever.

>> it's liberating and bonding and girls are always so critical of ourselves and each other. so to be with supportive people and get together and not be judging yourself or each other, it's awesome.

>> reporter: and while it's clearly not for the faint of heart, katie and her friends aren't alone.

>> i want you to look down. catherine leonard has seen her photography business double in the last two years. especially among groups of women ready to bear all.

>> we had a divorce party once. we've had 30th birthday. we've had -- somebody was celebrating weight loss. we had her and four of her friends. we've had a lot.

>> watch out. it's an air mattress . it will be funky.

>> she provides the settings and props and the tiniest bit of retouching.

>> understandably it takes most women a few minutes to get warmed up but before long, they're totally comfortable.

>> 90% come in wanting turtlenecks, jeans and by the time they leave they're 10 feet tall and they would walk out of here in their bra and panties.

>> that feeling can be addicting. tara came in last month for her friend's bachelorette party and now she is back again.

>> i definitely feel empowered and i felt good about myself.

>> they take away a greater sense of themselves.

>> that's it ladies. that's a wrap.

>> you're looking at these fashion magazines and super models and you can become one and i think that when they finally go through the shoot and they do get there they're like wow, this is me. i did it.

>> reporter: now in addition to the groups, a lot of women do these as gifts for the men in their life but end up going back just for themselves. catherine just launched photos to men can get in on the action too.

>> there's no way -- i can't imagine guys doing this and savannah says there's no way you would do it.

>> no way.

>> we met a guy there with his girlfriend and they would do it as a couple. there are circumstance where is men could get on the action.

>> can we say the women in your piece are beautiful and have perfect bodies.

>> but the photograph made a point that women of all shapes and sizes come.

>> do they have photo shop .

>> they do.

>> savannah you're falling right into what the first lady said, women are always so critical of themselves. you would be perfect and beautiful in shots like that.

>> are you on drugs.

>> leslie is agreeing with with me.

>> one of the things she said is stretch marks and cellutie don't exist.

>> one step over the line.

>> it's interesting and they look great. no question about it.