TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

Martha Stewart shares perfect crafts for kids

The queen of all things crafty and grandmother of two shows the perfect crafts to fight off kids’ boredom this summer, including balloon animals and piggy banks.

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>>> martha is here with four great helpers. martha , good morning. nice to see you.

>> how are you.

>> i'm good. this is perfect for a rainy day or any day during the summer.

>> kids get so upset if they don't have something to do and this book is full of 175 projects for kids.

>> do you have to be --

>> any age.

>> related to a martha stewart . do you have to have that crafty dna.

>> this book is also for the parents. step by step instructions and they're charming projects.

>> this is dominic .

>> these are little balloon animals .

>> dominic is a really great crafter. this child here. what are you going to put on your balloon here. you take tissue paper or velham. it's a good material because it doesn't flip flop . you put this on helium balloons or blow up a balloon and make these little faces. that's a cute one. do you like that one or that one better.

>> this one.

>> that's yours then.

>> dominic can add these other things.

>> this is a quick one too. this can happen in a half hour.

>> this is a good project for birthday parties . you have the balloons already. why not embellish them.

>> this is brandon.

>> kids love bubbles. i have two grand children in the bathtub all the time with bubbles. they're getting this one because you want to demonstrate? this is a mixture of water, dish soap and corn syrup and it makes giant bubbles.

>> so then you take straws.

>> blow it that way.

>> give it your best shot.

>> look at the giant bubble.

>> try it again.

>> so just straws and string.

>> yeah, just take a straw, make it any length you want and draw a string through it and make a square.

>> all right but we get the idea.

>> it was working beautifully a few minutes ago.

>> this is a good one we're going to do a few minutes ago. piggy banks .

>> take one of these bottles, take a belly band around, double stick tape, you the parent cuts the slit for the coin. make it large enough for a quarter. don't make it too slow because kids like to collect quarters as well as pennies.

>> they don't mind folded up dollar bills in there either.

>> that would fit too.

>> add ears and little dots of black. a little nose, so this is a true piggy bank .

>> use regular glue or hot glue gun .

>> just use a regular glue. tacky glue. it's just cute and don't forget a little tail on the back with the tacky glue right here. it will be very cute.

>> and this should take, an hour and a half or something like that?

>> at the most.

>> okay perfect.

>> now everybody loves to --

>> this is maddie by the way.

>> what's better than a potato, right maddie. cut the potato and make sure it's a clean even cut. so you can snap on this even t-shirt and do that beautiful blue color.

>> why a potato? can you use sponges and things like that.

>> you can use the sponge. they're harder to get in the shape of a cookie cutter and this teaches them about the idea of stamping and potatoes are versatile and everyone has a potato.

>> this is hannah.

>> oh, that turned out very well. i'm cruising a super glue , inexpensive flip flops for every kid at the birthday party and all creatures. these are just 5 of 6 of 175, science experiments you can make sugar crystals and so fix it with the glue and keep a big bulldog frog there.

>> very cute idea.

>> wear those for a pedicure.

>> i think they're the cutest.

>> martha very much.