TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

New film alleges Flight 800 crash was not accidental

After the NTSB ruled that an electrical short caused TWA Flight 800 to crash in Long Island in 1996, killing all its passengers, six members of the investigative teams are coming forward in a new documentary to say there was evidence that explosions outside the aircraft took it down. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>>> the 1996 crash of twa flight 800 claims the governments official findings were false. the plane went down minutes after take off killing all 230 people on board. tom costello cover aviations for us. what can you tell us.

>> this is an inthdependent film maker putting this together. he claims six members of the investigative teams are coming together to raise conclusions about the crash. you may recall that an fbi investigation and ntsb investigation determined that an electrical short ignited vapors in a central fuel tank and that caused the explosion. there were, at the time, some anecdotal calls or reports of a shoulder fired missile that may have brought down the plane but at the time, they were unable to find any conclusive data that would suggest that actually happened. well, now the six members are saying that one or more explosions outside the aircraft caused the crash. outside would mean, of course, some sort of a missile fired at the aircraft. the ntsb says it will reexamine it's findings if a petition is made and significant data is presented to suggest they should reexamine the case but every member of the ntsb has switched over, has left several times over. this is not the same board as 1996 .

>> very interesting. tom costello. thank you for that developing story.