TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

Principal: Retirement flash mob ‘meant everything’

Students at Hingham Middle School honored Roger Boddie, the school’s retiring principal, with an elaborate flash mob choreographed to Journey’s “Don't Stop Believin’.”

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>> now. sir, good morning to you. is it boyd or boyde.

>> it's boyde.

>>> a principal is supposed to know what his or her students are doing at all times. how did you lose track of the entire student body .

>> that's a good point. that's why i have to retire. because i knew nothing. there was over 1,000 people in the building. you would think somebody would have slipped me a hint but i had no idea.

>> it's very moving. i like the message that says thank you for believing in us. what did that mean to us?

>> it meant everything. i think you could tell how choked up i was. and i often have said to the kids that i'm not a dreamer, i'm a believer and i absolutely believe in these children around me and the ones that i've had over my 36 year career. i mean, just the best group of kids a principal could work with.

>> well, principal, it is so touching to watch. i think it's been viewed something like 11,000 times but i heard you say you think you're responsible for 10,000 of those views.

>> yeah and this morning they tell me that it's 50 or 60,000 times and i am only responsible for 10,000. everybody else watched the rest.

>> our heart felt congratulations to you obviously on a job well done. it's nice for you to talk to us this morning.