TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

Italian court: Amanda Knox must be retried

After Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaelle Sollecito were convicted and then acquitted of murdering Meredith Kercher, the Italian court system will now re-try the case, saying more evidence should have been considered. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> let's begin with new details in the amanda knox case. italy's top court with strong words to explain it's decisions to order a retrial. michelle is in london. michelle, good morning to you.

>> reporter: you know it was a stunning decision to retry this case after amanda knox and her then boyfriend first were convicted and then acquitted of killing amanda 's roommate with virtually no physical evidence against them but now the court is saying it's the totality of the case that has to be looked at. not just the lack of dna or lack of any motive. amanda knox spent four years in an italian prison convicted along with her then boyfriend of murdering amanda 's roommate. then they were freed. convictions overturned. and then, this year, suddenly a reversal by a higher court meaning back to trial for both. now we learn why. the court saying there were serious deficiencies, contradictions and ill logic in the way those convictions were thrown out. circumstantial evidence was glossed over. for example that amanda blamed another man for the crime, originally said she pictured herself in the kitchen that night covering herself from meredith's screams and the court should have taken into account this could have been a sex game with multiple people which was particularly surprising in this explanation since at trial prosecutors didn't even use that scenario as a possibility. basically this court says much more should have been considered on review than the utter lack of reliable dna evidence . amanda 's american attorney though is not worried.

>> since there was no evidence, there is no evidence and there never will be any evidence, our feeling is that this next review should result in the same verdict. one that demonstrates that amanda knox should be exonerated and found not guilty.

>> reporter: amanda has said that police pressured her into giving the early statements in question although now she does not have to go back to italy for trial. it seems with all the twists and turns in this case, the one thing we can be assured of is that it will take a very long time,