TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

Obama kids trace family history in Ireland

While President Obama was attending the G-8 summit, Malia, Sasha, and Michelle Obama hit the tourist trail, taking in an Irish dancing performance and exploring their Irish roots. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>>> the first family is having a much different experience than the president on their joint trip to europe meeting with stars and taking in the sites. annabell roberts is in london with that story. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning. they're on vacation so the girl versus come too keeping the president company on this trip to europe. they have been researching family history in ireland and dazzling us with their colorful footwear. they're on the tourist trail . the girls clearly jet lagged struggled to match their mother's enthusiasm at this medieval monestary but they watched irish dancing and had lunch at a pub with rock star bono making for a peaceful day. and like so many visitors from the u.s., researched their irish roots.

>> the girls had the chance to trace their irish lineage which was a powerful thing to find out these girls born on the south side of chicago can trace their roots back here to ireland, way back to the 1600s . [ music playing ]

>> reporter: the president's great, great grandfather lived here in the tiny town and the residents are proud. but michelle's bangs attracted attention again. one person tweeting what's going on with michelle obama 's bangs? even her hairdresser can't cope with the belfast damp. but the girl's colorful dress code brightened the damp grey of the summer and then there's the footwear, all the colors of the rainbow . today the first family is in germany. the girls and their mother started the day with a somber visit to the holocaust memorial . from there the berlin wall . both place a powerful experience for teenager with a sense of history but some eyebrows have been raised by the cost of the family trip. the 5-star hotels and huge amount of security the first lady and her daughter's need when overseas don't come cheap.