TODAY   |  June 19, 2013

President Obama to speak at Berlin landmark

After attending the G-8 summit in Ireland, the president is spending two days in Germany where he’ll speak at the Brandenburg Gate, 50 years after John F. Kennedy visited the landmark that divided Berlin. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>> the president is holding the joint news conference in berlin as we speak.

>>> let's go to nbc's chief white house correspondence chuck todd . he has been traveling with the president. chuck, let's start with what's happening right now.

>> reporter: well, matt, what's happening now, the president was just delivering remarks talking about the bilateral meeting he just had with the german chancellor , someone he has gotten close with. the first questions is about the breaking news overnight that somehow karzia wants to pull out of any negotiation with the taliban but he's also expected to be questioned by the german press over the surveillance controversy. there's even been protestors here in berlin about it. yes we scan is among the signs seen around here and germans are very wary of surveillance.

>> and the president is going to make a speech in berlin . he was there in 2008 . greeted like a rock star . this is the 50th anniversary of jfk 's speech in berlin and we're expecting a major announcement in terms of nuclear stock piles.

>> reporter: we are, matt. there's a lot of symbolism. you mentioned the 50th anniversary of jfk , the president is basically on the opposite side of where he gave his speech as a candidate in 2008 . you could see victory column which was the backdrop there. this time it's the gate and he's doing something that neither ronald reagan 26 years ago or jfk could have done which is speak on the east side of berlin . that's a piece of symbolism the president is going to talk about but the piece of policy he's going to introduce is this idea of further nuclear arms reduction. it's an issue always of bigger concerns of europeans than americans. he'll call with new new gauche yags with the russians. the treaty did reduce the amount of arms that the u.s. and russians stock pile . he wants further reductions up to 1/3 but he still thinks the u.s. should have the capability of a nuclear strike provision. he just wants fewer arms in the u.s. and world arsenal.

>> president expected to make news today in berlin . chuck todd ,