TODAY   |  June 18, 2013

4 self-defense moves to fight off attackers

Self-defense experts Steve Kardian and Gabrielle Rubin show Kathie Lee and Hoda four moves you can use if someone attacks you on the street. They also say to be safe you should trust your intuition, and show how not to present yourself as a target to offenders.

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>>> we are wrapping up our special hour of "protect yourself today" with some self-defense moves to help you fight back.

>> something every woman should know especially when you're alone. steve cardian and gabrielle ruben, founder of the female awareness self-defense program. it is one of those things that you actually project some kind of an image when you are walking down the street, whether you are a target or sort of strong.

>> does it have a lot do with confidence?

>> absolutely.

>> one of the most important things that i could teach a young woman is to put them in touch with their good gifted intuition. we all have it. you often put it aside.

>> we don't want to be rude or hurt people's feelings.

>> in every society men are more violent than women, therefore women have a better gift of intuition. other thing to do is create a plan, blueprint, of everything that can go wrong in your life. in law enforcement we call it visualization. in the military they call it imaging. what you want to do when you create that, i am walking to my car, someone is walking at me, create a file for that.

>> is it how you walk? people listen to headphones.

>> they're texting while they're walking.

>> bad guys aren't looking for a type so much as a target. we can avoid that by not as much as we love our phones, not using it out on the street because they love that element of surprise. we can't hear a bad guy approaching us at all if you're on our phones.

>> or have headphones on.

>> when you're walking is there any way you can carry yourself that will make someone less likely --

>> confidence is a huge deterrence for a bad guy . don't be afraid to make eye contact. if anything, let him know you i know what you you leak look, i could pick you out of a lineup.

>> there's a difference between looking at one or doing this.

>> give us tips of some things we can do. one, if someone is approaching you from behind, what do you calling call it? kicking your own butt?

>> since are you both wearing heels and we don't have the luxury of changing on the street, use what you have. if someone comes up behind you, we tend to focus, it's being grabbed. focus on what's free. if she were to kick from her own butt, kick up your heel, you would hurt the bad guy , hit their chin, hit their knee, possibly their groin.

>> slow.

>> what about our vocal chords which cou?

>> will you guy show us? let us watch you all. show us a couple of scenarios.

>> rear blitz. common. gabriel gabrielle, i'm going to grab her, her arms come up, she'll step and turn into me and throw me down to the ground.

>> what --

>> she's going to kick the crap out of you!

>> what if you're a lot smaller than your attacker.

>> it doesn't matter on size. just depends on the situation.

>> we just have a couple of second. we just want to say thanks, you guys.

>> she doesn't want to get on the mat.

>> guess who is going to