TODAY   |  June 18, 2013

12 ways to protect your family on vacation

“The Safety Chick” Kathleen Baty shows off a variety of products you can use to protect your family while on vacation, such as a passport made with material that ensures thieves can’t access your personal information, a cell phone hot spot to prevent browsing the web on public Wi-Fi and door anchors to avoid a hotel robbery.

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>>> we've been talking about protecting everything from your reputation to your identity. you now it is time to tell you what's most important to keep you safe and sound -- your family.

>> whether you are out for the day or hitting the road for vacation, shaft chick kathleen beatty has items you won't want to leave home without. you always bring us the best stuff. so what's cooking, good lookin'?

>> it's really important to think ahead. depending what vacation you are taking, you need certain things. this is a portable safe from a lot of times hotels don't have safes. this is just thinking ahead, putting your valuables in here. you lock it to your -- something in the room, like a bed post --

>> they could take it.

>> that's why you have the chain and the lock.

>> i have to keep you honest. have your radio frequency i.d. everything we have, credit cards , driver's license, passports has a bar code on them with with all our personal information . now identity thieves can download a scanner on their cell phones and within five to ten feet can see right through and get all your personal information .

>> see right through! through clothing and through --

>> yes. with the scanner. pack safe once again has wallet covers, wallets, passports, purses, everything, impenetrable.

>> wow.

>> move on to wi-fi --

>> can you believe we live in a world like this?

>> wi-fi is one of the ones i pick up a freebie whenever i can.

>> free wi-fi is a hacker's dream. simpler, safest way to surf the internet when you're on vacation. get your own personal hotspot.

>> there's no room in my purse for that.

>> you can do it on your cell phone .

>> how much is that?

>> it varies from company to company but it is very cost effective. that's mine.

>> you carry it with you.

>> stack it up against your identity, it's worth it.

>> when you are at a hotel if you use a hotel computer, close out of your e-mail and all documents that you pull up, erase them.

>> but they're still there in cyberspace. i know that. somebody could find them.

>> yes, they are.

>> thank you. cruise ships . there was a study done that you are twice as likely -- twice as likely to be a victim of a sexual assault on a cruise ship than on land. i think it is because -- no, i think it is because people have a false sense of security when they get on a cruise ship .

>> there's a lot of drinking.

>> that's right. drink safe technology has these date rape coasters that test for the two top date rape drugs . you keep this in your purse.

>> show us how it works.

>> i can't, because i don't have the straw. how it works, you take a drop and you put it on each test pad. if the test pad turns blue, your drink's been tampered with and you need to get to a hospital immediately. get help immediately.

>> scary.

>> moving forward.

>> not had he tell, kids, toddlers, i can't tell you how many times i begin taking a shower all the sudden my kids would be out the front. the laches and doorknobs, when you unlock them it unlocks the dead bolts on a hotel room . this is a door anchor from a door anchor that makes the door hard to open and the kids can't get out. safety tabs. this is if your kid gets lost, you put that in an amusement park . put it on. your phone number is right there. this is mommy i'm here. a locating you hit,y fur child gets 40 feet away, it is a key fob . goes off. our friends at aaa , going on a road trip please make sure to have the safety kit and your roadside assistance .

>> that's in your kit.

>> all kinds of things. batteries. make sure you have water if you break down. protein bars. that kind of thing.

>> last, but not least.

>> absolutely. aaa has a fantastic app that's out. you download on your phone. if you break down on the side of the road , you can hit roadside eye sis ta assistance. anybody that has aaa in the car, can you use it. aaa .com, it's fantastic.

>> they've always been awesome. thank you.