TODAY   |  June 18, 2013

6 tips for protecting your reputation online

Digital expert Randi Zuckerberg and author Valerie Burton share advice about keeping yourself safe online, including monitoring what people are saying about you through Google alerts and checking your privacy settings on social media accounts.

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>>> we're kicking off our special hour called "protect yourself today," and how to keep your repu-ation intact. aftereffects of a rumor can live on forever.

>> founder of zuckerberg media and editor in chief applicanted. and valley burton, author of "successful women think differently ."

>> we start off by saying googigoog i googling your own name will tell you a lot about what's out there. what are you supposed to do anyway?

>> i think parents these days, one of their worst nightmares like when their 2-year-old kids are old enough to google their name what they're going to see. i think it's a good idea to google yourself. it feels a little vain but it is the first thing a boss or a potential first date is going to do. they're going to turn to internet and it is good to know it is out there.

>> forgive my ignorance. is every single human being born being googled?

>> it depends on your name. if you have a common name -- but if it is hoda, for example, it is going to be really easy.

>> i bet you don't even need a last name for hoda.

>> say a picture that was priof you compromised at a party and it pops up. you want that thing removed. is it possible or do you have to live with that thing up there?

>> there are a lot of firms out there, like, others, that for a large fee can help you bring things up or down --

>> how large a fee are we talking?

>> gosh, i don't know.

>> so it is pricey.

>> it is pricey. in some cases of crisis management it is worth the fee. but there are a lot of things that you can do. you can just start blogging a little more. you can put more links in your twitter account, things like that that can start to push any naughty photos a little further down.

>> same thing with wikipedia. anybody can say anything they want. anyone can edit.

>> you have to constantly monitor that. which is really important. the world we live in today, we're all a brand and at work you are a brand. your reputation is your brand. what does your reputation say about you is a really important question and then in the end when if comes to looking for a job or getting job offers, your reputation can make a big difference between getting the big job offer or not getting it at all.

>> sounds like you have to be careful at a party. sometimes you get lathered up in all the fun. you look at a picture and say, my god, i can't believe i was there. then all of a sudden it is everywhere.

>> that's important. your reputation isn't just what you post, it is what your friends post about you, too.

>> how many times have you told you that? no, i no. if you're a well known person and people just come and take pictures with you, that person later -- you see a serial killer and he's going off to -- i was just standing there and he saidky have a picture. you are guilty by association is my point.

>> absolutely. you talked before about people who have the same name as you in google. there's something called digital doppelganger now where you have to look at who are the people online that you share a name with. if someone's really seedy, you might consider using a nickname or throwing a middle initial in there.

>> all right, ladies. thank you for all of that.

>> don't google yourself. don't do it.

>> i won't.