TODAY   |  June 18, 2013

Save or toss? Summer beauty product clean-up

The arrival of summer is a good time to take a look at your makeup bag and decide what to save and what to throw away. Makeup expert Mally Roncal tells what to do with last season’s lipstick, mascara, and more.

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>>> well, admit it ladies, if you looked in your make up bag right now you'd find a lipstick you bought a couple of years ago and mascara that at least two months old. mally, creator and president of mally worked with celebrities beyonce and j.lo just to name a few.

>> hello there.

>> you're going to play.

>> we're going to play a game.

>> you're going to lead us through these things.

>> absolutely. just because summer is here doesn't mean you have to keep doing the stuff you did all yearlong. starting over here, nail polish , these dark colored nail polishes, what do you think? do you think you keep them for the summer .

>> i usually look at the consistency.

>> but it's also too the colors, like in terms of dark colors in general in the summertime.

>> why is that.

>> i think dark get rid of in the summer .

>> you want brighter colors in the summer .

>> wow, willie, nice.

>> nice. do it do it do it.

>> okay. it's all good. so come on now we've got my models that are going to show you what to do.

>> yeah.

>> you look over there.

>> there you go. bright, punchy, lots of orange, lots of teal and color is good. if you want to do blues and greens. look how cute and it looks fresh. so not only on your face but fingers and toes.

>> got it. okay. keep that in mind.

>> so now moving on next, we're talking hand sanitizer .

>> yeah, i'll need it after holding that wallaby's tail.

>> exactly. do you want to keep these or chunk these.

>> is there an expiration date .

>> it's by smell and also the fact that these are pretty much half gone. i am a mother of three little girls, there is nothing worse than after they have touched like the poo poo -- well not really when all of a sudden you're like i need hand sanitizer .

>> you need more than hand sanitizer .

>> get the fresh yummy smell -- oh wait i told you.

>> no you were supposed to guess.

>> i was going to say chunk it.

>> there you go. thank you. you got it. good yummy smells and full.

>> you're going to get new ones.

>> after a few years they do.

>> expiration date , 2016 .

>> they do. red lipsticks.

>> red is in. red has been in for a long time. do you think for the summer we keep it.

>> red, yeah. you can wear it year round, right.

>> yeah, you go girl. she got it exactly.

>> what she said.

>> what she said. so now look at that. how gorgeous. so no matter what in the winter red is great, in the summer red is great but keep the eyes light. don't let it be overpowering. look how pretty. you can always find the perfect for you. silver jewelry, you want cooler, if you like gold you like it warmer.

>> we don't have much time.

>> mascara. this mascara is 3 months old. do you keep it or do you fotoss it.

>> toss it.

>> three months is the cutoff.

>> you got it. go.

>> so bad. it was right there.

>> there you go. new mascara. look what it does. so every three months throw it out.

>> every three months throw it out. moisturizer, keep it or toss it in the summer .

>> there's an expiration on it too.

>> i'm keeping mine.

>> i'm keeping it.

>> yes, always moisturize all summer no matter what even if you're oily, even if you're sweaty. spf is good too.

>> okay. curling iron .

>> keep it or toss it in the summer .

>> i think you can go all natural and use some of those products, do we have any here that you can use sort of the beachy hair.

>> well, no, you keep it.

>> that's me on the weekends. beachy waves don't come to everyone but you can also just make it happen, gorgeous, keep it, keep it. do