TODAY   |  June 18, 2013

First daughters tour Ireland, goof off

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including photos of Sasha and Malia Obama in Ireland with their parents that prompts a chat about kids and “forced family time.”

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>>> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, june 18th , 2013 . a beautiful almost summer day here in new york city . i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales . how about the cast of kinky boots .

>> they're beautiful.

>> i see 20 guys in drag coming my way and i think the cast of kinky boots or saturday night in manhattan. see how we wove all the shows in. let's get to take three. this is take two. it's going to be good.

>> that's a good one.

>> take one though, forced family time. the first family arrived in ireland yesterday. the g-8 summit being held there. the first lady came along, along with daughters melia and sasha. they did touring of the country side . they toured dublin's trinity college and went to a performance of the river dance and there's photographs that reminded us of children.

>> having a little fun.

>> having a good time.

>> this is at the river dance performance.

>> that's at river dance having a good time. but then there was some where they looked like a lot of us looked. some attractions our parents dragged us too.

>> one cathedral after another as a child.

>> that wasn't a bad one. there were a couple of other pictures. now granted those are just one moment in time.

>> sure.

>> at least it's not them fighting in the backseat of the car. how many times when you were forced on the family trips you would sit in the backseat and pulling each others hair.

>> don't make me stop this car.

>> somebody wrote a book about that once.

>> yeah, i think available on paper back.

>> al roker .

>> okay. so family memories of travels.

>> we did a lot of trips and lived in europe growing up so we did a lot of cathedrals. every town, every little town , no matter what my dad had to stop. let's check out the cathedral . we became that family like i've seen it. let's go. my dad was big into cathedrals. it was like having to cleanse the soul of after --

>> for some photography in the past.

>> yeah.

>> sort of an inside joke.

>> at what point did you stop getting out at the cathedral .

>> we say another cathedral , come on? you've been to one cathedral in europe, you've been to a million. i could do the tour of cathedrals.

>> so you like cathedrals.

>> they're beautiful but they all look the same and they all smell the same. like the incense, you know. what about you.

>> you smelled one cathedral you've smelled them all. are you the dad that pulls over at all the road side attractions.

>> not all. we do a consensus. my dad, bus driver's salary and mom was a homemaker so not a lot of money. we had just gotten a ford station wagon brand new and he says tomorrow we're going to expo 67 in montreal.

>> cool.

>> we have no reservations or nothing. there are five kids at the time and my mother's mother and we drive up the freeway and into montreal canada.

>> you could fit in that expo.

>> we could. it was the size of a boat with the thick wood panelling . it had the flip down seat in the back with no seat belt so it was a death trap . so we get up there and we have no reservations. my dad goes in the hotel he tried $150 which in '67 --

>> that's a lot of money.

>> someone we never met lead us to a place where they had more reasonable motels. we were there for three days. coming back in, you come to the canadian border , my grandmother was from jamaica. she had never gotten her citizenship. she was an illegal alien basically. so my father, we're all american, do you understand that? we're all americans. that includes you. and we pull up and the guy says we're all u.s. citizens ? not all of us.

>> grandma from the back?

>> she's drinking. so they let us threw.

>> grandma detained at the border.

>> i can't even picture that. what about you.

>> we drove everywhere too. my family was in chicago so every christmas time we would drive back and forth 16 hours each way. there is a place when i would drive down the east coast on the blue ridge parkway calling blowing rock in north carolina . it's an attraction essentially that is a rock and there's a legend attached to it about -- i don't know what the legend is but it 's wonderful and majestic i'm sure. you pull off the highway and pay the money and you look at a rock like that and put you through a gift shop . out you go.

>> how many times did you go see the rock.

>> just the once.

>> but you know, it smells like a cathedral .

>> it probably does. that earthy smell. did you see this, front page of the new york post? this is something i don't get. apparently photographers are seeing a boost in their business of 50% by women that are booking these --

>> oh, come on.

>> these seminaked parties. oh yeah, i guess here in this state.

>> yeah and they all look like that.

>> they're getting together to celebrate big milestone birthdays, engagement, weddings, some having had babies but you look at some of the pictures in here -- can you imagine, would you let your wives pose in something like that.

>> it's not like we have a choice, honey you can't do that.

>> well.

>> this is 2013 .

>> you wouldn't mind a picture like that.

>> you get together with your friends and everybody strips down and cuddles up it looks like.

>> yes.

>> doing that this weekend. come on.

>> that's going to be you and me.

>> in fact.

>> just jeopardy.

>> in fact, we have a picture of you two already. let's take a look.

>> there we go.

>> yes.

>> fantastic.

>> nice.

>> that's what it's like on a saturday night when will and al get together.

>> it's like eyes wide shut every saturday night at al's house. it's very exciting.

>> let's talk about hair styles .

>> okay. switch from that picture.

>> you know, men supposedly settle on their hair style at age 32.

>> 32?

>> you probably didn't have a choice.

>> i didn't have any choice. i started settling on this at about 20.

>> yeah.

>> from 20 to 25 i looked like a black larry fine from the three stooges.

>> when did you go full bald?

>> about 30.

>> it gets better and better over the years. that's the nice thing about your picture here.

>> so this hair cut .

>> this has to be 5th grade probably.

>> look at the one in the middle.

>> what's happening there.

>> there is from one of my parties actually.

>> you look like anthony michael hall .

>> i was going to say that, part of the brat pack there.

>> i was anthony michael hall in hi early awkward teen years. i didn't have the braces.

>> put that up one more time. i love this look.

>> which one do you like best.

>> the eyebrow. the orson wells eyebrow.

>> yeah, same hair, just different lengths.

>> you look at the opposite ends and you've got the same look.

>> yeah, that's like sophomore semiformal with the bow tie .

>> that was high school . i was like 15.

>> tucker carlson , you're reaching deep.

>> the bowties.

>> my throw back. he's a good man.