TODAY   |  June 18, 2013

US marriage rate hits historic low

According to the US census, marriage rates in America are at the lowest point in more than a century. The analysis cites the recession, cultural changes and cohabitation as contributing factors.

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>> an interesting look at the state of marriage in this country. u.s. census shows that marriage rates in america are at historic lows. the lowest in centuries. the recession was cited with marriages falling 5% since the recession began. also culture changes about when to marry and cohabitation. researchers also say for men that the average marriage age will soon rise to 30.

>> is it because that music is playing all over the country.

>> where is the love?

>> where is the love.

>> people are upset about that.

>> that song isn't where is the love -- isn't there a --

>> that's a different song.

>> well, i think people don't feel like they're in the right place in their lives in order to make a big commitment.

>> it's daunting, right? the rate of value out there, but by the same token i met somebody over the weekend, i was at an event, a grandmother and she had been married for 72 years. i said i want to be married for 60 years. she said let's take it in 10 year increments.