TODAY   |  June 18, 2013

Outrage online after photo isolates disabled student

The initial photo — which sparked outrage across the Web — captured a second grade class with one boy in a wheelchair all alone, far off to the side.

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>>> lot of anger and upset across the internet. it's a photo from an elementary school in canada. far off to the right there's one disabled student along in his wheelchair. he had spinal muscular dystrophy and when his mom saw that photo she was heart broken and angry saying look at the angle he is in. he wants to be part of the gang so much. she and her husband were so upset they have not shown the photo to the little boy but they demanded the school retake the photo and we are told the photography company ultimately did do that. if you look closely there's a bench there and that's why he is off to the side but you have to believe there would be some way.

>> well, the whole idea of optics. this is so easily fixable. at a wedding they say everybody get in together. you want that same feel here.

>> when they retook the picture they put him on the stand with the other kids.

>> oh good. she said one of the things that broke my heart is he's smiling.

>> and he's so leaning toward the class.

>> that breaks your heart.

>> i'm glad they got a better picture.