TODAY   |  June 18, 2013

50 best employers for Baby Boomers

If you are one of the 1.8 million people over 55 who are unemployed, AARP is here to help. The organization has released its list of the best employers for boomer workers, from universities to banks and government agencies.  TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky discusses the list.

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>> one of the 2 million people over the age of 55 that had a hard time finding a job, the folks at aarp are out with a list of the 50 best employers for boomer workers. ge jean has the details good morning.

>> good morning.

>> the numbers are striking. total unemployed and boomers make up 2 million of the number. why should they be focused here?

>> it's good for employers to look at boomer workers. they are motivated and have great work ethic and it's good for your bottom line because they have fewer dependents. they'll cut your benefits budget which is a good thing.

>> a hung thing with new changes in healthcare law.

>> there's a list you have come up with that aarp has come up with, best employers for people over 50. talk about the criteria used to evaluate that.

>> they are looking for companies out recruiting, retraining and retaining older workers. also with great health and wellness programs and with flexible work schedules for people that need to spend a little bit of time at home caring for an older parent.

>> yeah, the nih is showing national institutes of health is a stand out here.

>> it is for the plans it provides for his workers but also the information it provides about your financial needs at this part of your life. that's important for people heading into retirement.

>> they can be looking at a shorter span of somebody's work life so they can get them at that transitional time?

>> exactly. they're also very involved in training their workers. they offer online classes , off line classes, classes in their facilities, tuition reimbursement. good all around.

>> there has to be a huge cost though with some of the retraining that is necessary. people that want to transition in a way.

>> you also have to look at what's the cost of hiring somebody new and in many situations that gets above and beyond the cost of just offering somebody a little bit more in terms of learning.

>> also on the survey, west virginia university in morgantown, west virginia , they have a high percentage of older works, why?

>> they are out looking for them. they have the senior mountaineer temp program. there's many colleges on this list including virginia common wealth, cornell. if i was a 50-year-old looking for a job i would look there.

>> they have events after you leave.

>> they offer you free or reduced access to athletic events.

>> s and t back in indiana. talk about that.

>> if you're a part time employee working as few as 15 hours per week, you qualify for health benefits and retirement benefits. that is a big, big deal . also they offer care giving services. so if you need to take time off and you're a part time or full time worker you can take time off to give care to somebody in your family.

>> we talked about the importance of that and also the importance of benefits offered for both full and part time workers which is huge, right.

>> it is huge. the other thing that was really large for them was wellness programs. it was big for the next company on our list as well, southern company which is a utilities company out of atlanta. this company, like many these days is offering you incentives if you do the right thing. you get a flu shot, you get some points.

>> all right. thank you so much. just ahead here, a live performance from the hit musical and tony winner, kinky boots after this.