TODAY   |  June 18, 2013

Brad Pitt: Angelina is ‘my hero’

In “World War Z” Brad Pitt plays a man fighting to save the world from zombies, but at the movie’s premiere last night, he revealed his fiancée Angelina Jolie is the real hero, calling her “bold.” NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> of fans packed times square last night for the premiere of brad pitt 's new movie " world war z ." pit opened up about the film and angelina jolie 's double ma mastectomy.

>> he talked about what she has been through and how strong she is since going public about her surgery.

>> how do i know they're coming?

>> they're coming. ready.

>> in " world war z " he plays a dad and husband fighting to save the world from vicious zombies but in real life , it's his partner angelina jolie who is the hero.

>> right she's my hero.

>> how strong has she been.

>> she's bold, man, she's bold.

>> jolie didn't join him on the red carpet in new york but a few weeks ago she was at his side in london not long after announcing she had gone a double mastectomy after testing positive for a genetic condition that increased her risk for breast cancer .

>> the discussion about women's health has expanded and that means the world to me. after losing my mom to these issues i'm grateful for it.

>> the genetic testing can cost $3,000. something they're fighting to make more acceptable for other women.

>> the mission is everyone has access to the testing.

>> brad has been her advocate so promoting this movie he is also saying it's important all women have this available and they can get tested.

>> jolie going public about her preventive mastectomy already changed the conversation about cancer. time dubed it the angelina effect as online searches about mastectomy spiked on the days after following her announcement and while pitt was full of praise for the mother of his children, he also thanked fans that reached out since the actress's announcement and inspired them in return.

>> we didn't realize how many people were dealing with the issue and it's been very, very moving to know that what was a very personal matter is universal.

>> jolie and pit say having the surge is a very individual decision. they just want women to have access to the test in order to make informed decisions. in her case her chances dropped from 87% to under 5%.