TODAY   |  June 18, 2013

Cargo handler tosses boxes everywhere (but the plane)

A man in China is seen throwing more cargo boxes off a conveyor belt than onto it as he tries loading them onto a plane.

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>> this guy probably isn't helping airline satisfaction in china where he threw more boxes of cargo off the conveyer belt than on it when he was trying to load them on to a plane.

>> not hard.

>> not clear how many might have been fragile. he even takes time to answer the phone a couple of times.

>> nobody can do that seriously.

>> he gets a buddy to help him.

>> he doesn't even look to see if they land.

>> it's just a surveillance camera.

>> if you listen to the audio it's a passenger who is taping this. i think he is south african you hear him making commentary as he goes along.

>> this is part of china's version of funniest video.

>> the boxes do look awfully light. either that or he is very strong.