TODAY   |  June 18, 2013

After tip, Jimmy Hoffa case re-opened

For 38 years, the search for Jimmy Hoffa’s body has been one of America’s greatest mysteries, but a new tip from the son of a Detroit mob boss and self-proclaimed friend of Hoffa has authorities searching in a Detroit-area field. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> new searches this morning for the remains of jimmy hoffa federal agents are digging in a field north of detroit. katie is at the scene in oakland township . good morning.

>> good morning matt, investigators have been digging up this field behind me since 8:00 a.m . yesterday. they'll continue doing so looking for the infamous remains of jimmy hoffa and we're working off of the most reliable tip they have gotten yet.

>> reporter: 38 years of digging and so far, nothing. spanning from across michigan to giant stadium in new jersey. the search for jimmy hoffa 's body is one of america's great mysteries but could this oakland township field be it? tony says yes.

>> if i had $1 million i'd bet $1 million.

>> the son of a detroit mob boss , he spoke directly to mark pointing out this field as hoffa 's final resting place.

>> thrown in a grave buried alive . that's how he was killed.

>> at the height of his power, hoffa was the leader of the largest union, the teamsters, but it was his connection to organized crime that many say lead to his downfall and disappearance.

>> i believe the stories that hoffa was in a power struggle . i believe that hoffa was killed by organized crime figures.

>> he was last seen outside of a detroit area restaurant in 1975 , lured away, some say, by two mob figures. he says hoffa was then taken to a barn, buried alive in a shallow grave and covered with cement, right where investigators are now digging.

>> it's my fondest hope that we can give that close -- closure to the family and the community.

>> reporter: law enforcement say he's the most credible person to speak since hoffa disappeared. so far they have only seen dry holes out there but they did find evidence matt of