TODAY   |  June 17, 2013

Try tasty surf-and-turf skewers for dinner

Bruce Bozzi from The Palm restaurant demonstrates cost-effective bacon-wrapped sea scallops and jalapeno shrimp skewers.

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>>> it's time for today's kitchen. simple dinners with a spin on surf and turf that is tempting to your wallet and palette.

>> he's going to show us how to cheat at this.

>> how are you, best friend.

>> so this is a very simple, simple kabob skewer. and the trick is, it's bacon. that's the turf. bacon makes it the turf. so it's scallops wrapped with the bacon. and when you wrap the bacon, make sure it doesn't overlap the scallop because then the cooking process, you'll not cook the scallop enough. put that through. when the bacon is crispy is when the scallop is done. the integrity is protein, vegetable. beauty mushrooms that we love.

>> the ones that look like brains.

>> then we do a hajalapeno stuffed shrimp. you have deveined it. and you want -- with the jalapeno, you want to take out the vein, the seeds otherwise the power, the punch will be overwhelming.

>> then we're going to do a cherry tomato . a palm vinaigrette. we're going to do it in flash fry and grill.

>> dean is cooking?

>> excellent.

>> i do cook. i'm a single dad. one boy. not like this beautiful but i'm going to try now.

>> so flash fry. you want to tilt the pan forward.

>> you are the man of steel.

>> yes, you are.

>> liquid and oil will --

>> melt steel. it's awful.

>> it will pop back so we're going to roll.

>> how do i do it?

>> roll it and use your body. no fingers touching. roll it in. let it go. now bring it down. now basically, let that cook. when that bacon is crispy, the scallop is done.

>> do you turn it over at all?

>> turn it over. or you can grill it.

>> this looks fantastic.

>> this is our garlic butter sauce. very simple.

>> that's illegal.

>> caramelized garlic .

>> put it on there.

>> butter.

>> can we try it? it looks so good. i can't even stand it. i can't wait other in minute.

>> this is another one of our signature summer sides. corn, caramelized, panchetta.

>> as fancy as it looks, and it took a minute. and it's not expensive.

>> thank you so much. i want to thank dean cain for being such a --

>> we love you, too.

>> that was good.

>> kathie lee will be back tomorrow. a special hour all on protecting yourself. dean, thank you.