TODAY   |  June 17, 2013

6 ways to prevent damage to your hair

Leah Wyar from Cosmopolitan magazine explains how swimming, applying heat and using detangling  product can actually cause hair damage. She shows off six products, from a 1-minute moisture treatment to a thermal protector, to keep hair healthy.

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>>> all right. between the sun and the sea, our hair takes a beating in the summertime. now a new study says copper piping is also to blame. all right. ad your shower water travels through the pipes it's picking up metal and causing split ends and flyaways.

>> everything. it drives me crazy. and if anyone knows about a bad hair day , apparently it's my friend hoda.

>> hey, don't even --

>> wow! holy smokes .

>> erase it. here to --

>> i know it was a batman term but, wow. that was shocking.

>> all right. anyway, here to do a little damage control with the right products is "cosmo's" beauty director.

>> how are you?

>> now it's the copper pipes?

>> it's copper pipes. it's everything. it's also copper in the swimming poold. we always think it's chlorine. it's the copper making our hair discolored. it's setting up the scene for dryness which is going to lead to breakage. always use a clarifying shampoo once a week that will pull out all the hard minerals. and before you jump in the pool, wet the hair and run through a hair mask. this is garnier's hair mask that will provide a barrier to the hair.

>> what do you wear on the beach, a hat or anything or you don't wear what happens to your hair?

>> speedos.

>> for the hair.

>> no, i don't care what happens to the hair.

>> i want to point out, it's true. dean cain has huge paws, okay?

>> i have been pawing her in between.

>> for detangling.

>> detangling is very rough on the hair. when hair is wet it's at its most vulnerable state. use a detangling comb. it does not rip your hair. if you start at the ends and we work our way up it will just totally detangle the hair without pulling at it.

>> should you put a product in while doing it?

>> comb through the conditioner or whatever. also a lot of teasing and back combing. it's like grating cheese. these new products are texturizing aerosol sprays.

>> this kind of looks like one of those pet things. i'm just saying.

>> a lot of us wear shades and purses. things get tangled up.

>> especially with the new aviator style. they get caught in the wires on the nose buds.

>> oh, it got caught. it happens.

>> these chain purses, we just throw them on our shoulder. we just need to first move the hair before we put it on the shoulder and you can either use aviators and not wear them as a headband. even more importantly is to not pick up a brush, to even style your hair until it's 80% dry.

>> just use your fingers .

>> dry it first.

>> then go in. like we said, wet hair is really vulnerable.

>> these are hair extensions .

>> yes, i have them in right now.

>> so this is -- like one of the hardest things with the extension craze right now is permanent extensions are causing a lot of tension at the root and it's pulling the hair out. it's causing a hair loss called traction alopecia. we want to take a temporary approach to extensions. kate has a set in right now.

>> they are in right now?

>> oh, wow. it looks so natural.

>> how do they go in?

>> they clip on. you put them underneath your hair and then use these clips to keep them in place. that way you aren't wearing them 24/7. they aren't going to pull and really do a lot of damage.

>> all right.

>> and these are fantastic.

>> as a guy, i admit if you want to -- if there's a surprise in the hair.

>> that's very true.