TODAY   |  June 17, 2013

Me-wow! Training tips for your feline

Mieshelle Nagel Schneider, the “Cat Whisperer,” shows how you can train your felines to use the litter box, prevent them from scratching your furniture and take them for a walk on a leash.

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>>> if you own a cat you know they have a mind of their own. just like jinxi in "meet the parents" cats are very independent. many think they can't be trained the same way as dogs. but cat whisperer michelle is here to teach us a train or thing. she's the author of "the cat whisperer."

>> i didn't even know it was possible, michelle , to get --

>> i'm still not sure it's possible.

>> it is so easy to train cats. you can train a goldfish. if anything has a brain you can train it, really. and they have us trained. meow, meow, meow, open the cat food .

>> that i believe.

>> one of the things is you want your cat to go in the litter box . sometimes they don't cooperate. so what should one do about it?

>> so here we have some litter boxes . and it's instinctual. you don't really need to change them. just create the environment that suits them. so we give sand. lit litter here, cat attract, it saves thousands of cats lives from the shelter because the litter box issues are the number one issue that -- behavior issue why millions of cats are euthanized. they'll visit the box ten times a day. they love the cat attract litter. but having your boxes not all in one area. have them north, east, south, west, landy plenty in your environment.

>> where should you put it in your house?

>> three of them? four of them?

>> for each cat, you want to have two boxes. so one box for each cat, plus one more because --

>> they don't share?

>> they do share. and that's the whole reason we spread them apart so they can take turns. it's one of the ways they structure their social hierarchy .

>> i didn't know that.

>> that's how it works. when i'm in the bathroom, it's mine. mine.

>> back off, barbie.

>> what cat does dean have? these are all up for adoption.

>> they're from animal havens shelter. this is flash. and he is a lovely sky. he's been at the shelter for an entire year. i've spent all day with him yesterday.

>> he weighs like a good solid football.

>> he's a big boy .

>> what else?

>> in addition to making sure your boxes are spread out in many different areas to keep your cats getting along well and using the boxes we also have the black light , which is a urine detector. you want to find and destroy the urfin you find it in and around your house because it will undermine the effectiveness of the litter box .

>> these two cleaners are great. they are enzyme cleaners. this is an odor binding molecule process.

>> we have about a minute. show us a lot of cats tend to scratch the -- the furniture. i feel like i'm fish wiing with this cat but he likes it. how do you get the cat to stop scratching the furniture?

>> cats need to scratch. there's a great movie coming out called "the paw project." we're very anti-declaw these days. ohio state university vet studies ran studies on thisser if product. you can also put double sided sticky tape on furniture so they are -- this is just cat nip . sprinkle it in a two foot by two foot area it gives them body rolling. so we want to detour them from the couch with these products and then also give them, of course, a place to scratch on because they do need to scratch to decrease their tension.

>> all of our cats are on leashes which i thought was weird. but you say it's a good thing to do.

>> yeah, we are trying not to, of course, increase the ferile cat population. and it's great environmental richness. you can walk your cat. you have to get them, of course, acclimated. but they are doing great already.

>> so you give them like bait and they follow it?

>> so we just situate them and acclimate them to walking. and these cats, this is the first time they've had these harnesses on and they are doing excellent.

>> they are in good shape. michelle , thank you so much.