TODAY   |  June 17, 2013

Friends say KLG, Hoda inspire their relationship

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb introduces Molly McKeown, the Fan of the Week, who watched the ladies every day with her best friend in college. They scheduled their classes around the Fourth Hour and still keep in touch during the show even though they’ve graduated.

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>>> all right. it's fun-day monday. we get to announce our fan of the week.

>> and since sara is not here, i get to do the honors.

>> i'm going to take it from here. drum roll , please. this week's winner is -- are you ready? molly mckeown. i think we might have molly on the phone. molly , are you there?

>> hi. how are you?

>> can you believe dean cain is here?

>> no! i'm so excited.

>> hi, molly . how are you? before we tell you what you've won -- wait, i'm sorry, you're good?

>> she's very good. she's lickored up like us.

>> we want to tell everyone why you were chosen. molly went to the university of north carolina wilmington . i know well. it's a good spot. she became best friends with kayla. they had so much in common, including their love for the fourth hour, that it's become a staple for their relationship. they schedule their classes around this show so they can watch together. they just graduated but they keep in touch they facetime or text every single time the show comes on.

>> we're going to tell you where you are headed. you and your guest are going to the travasa austin resort in austin, texas. you'll enjoy the stay in the trail view room, breakfast, lunch and dinner, everything provided by the resort and a $125 daily credit for spa treatments. they are all provided by travasa experience resorts. molly , are you --

>> this is the best day of my life!

>> i love that. all right, molly . we can't wait for