TODAY   |  June 17, 2013

Should celeb parents sell baby photos?

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and  guest co-host Dean Cain chat about the potential value of Kim and Kanye’s baby photos – and whether it’s OK for celebs to profit off personal pictures.

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>> hey, everybody. it's fun-day monday, june 17th , 2013 . kathie lee is taking the day off but guess who is filling in with me. the incomparable superman. dean cain is here.

>> one time superman.

>> i have to say, i know this was the weekend for the superman movie coming out. what is it called?

>> "man of steel."

>> when i think of superman and i'm with a lot of people on this i know, i see your face. i don't even remember the other kid's name.

>> and i love you for that, but some other people are going to see this guy's face and name when they hear the name superman.

>> you took your son. your son is how old?

>> 13.

>> how did that go over?

>> it's a pg-13 film. and he loved the film, but it was -- there were some moments where he was, you know, there were some real -- it was very real. and so there's some moments where he was a little bit scared. scooch a little bit closer. and there were some action sequences that were a little bit rough but he enjoyed it very much.

>> what did you think? what is it like to see someone else wearing the cape?

>> well, i don't like it. first of all, it's terrible. no, i think it's great. i mean, i think he -- henry did a great job. those guys were fantastic filmmakers. ed snider and christopher nolan . they did a great job. it's a real different incarnation of the man of steel. not as much lovy dovy stof which we like.

>> i like that.

>> of course you did.

>> i saw you on "kimmel" the other night. he had a little fun with you when it came to the new superman movie coming out. let's take a look.

>> i didn't hear about the movie. i didn't hear they were doing it.

>> there's a movie called "man of steel."

>> thank you. nobody.

>> there's someone else . there's a new superman.

>> but -- i'm superman. who is he?

>> well, i don't think we need to --

>> does he have to wear the red underwear like i did?

>> actually, no --

>> jimmy! does he have to wear the red underwear like i did?

>> he didn't -- no, he didn't wear the underwear in this.

>> why did i have to?

>> that's a good point, though.

>> why did i have to.

>> were you ever self-conscious wearing those little things ?

>> we did love scenes .

>> yes, i know.

>> that's all i'm going to say.

>> what is your love life about? you have your son. he's adorable.

>> yes, yes, he is wonderful. and it's difficult with a child. and so i'm very coy about my love life .

>> okay.

>> i don't say much. but i want one. i definitely want one.

>> i love how -- we usually ask, whenever we have a guest co-host we ask what their favorite drink is because we like to make them feel at home. you have a whole lineup here.

>> this is exactly what i do at home. we have some tequila on the rocks. i go with a don julio 1942 , a darker one than this. this is a vodka soda with a lemon. and it 's wonderful .

>> yeah.

>> a glass of chardonnay. and then a glass of red. and if i get through all of these this morning --

>> what does that mean?

>> you'll never have me co-host again. that would be then of that.

>> so last night there was miss usa pageant was on. miss utah , you know, everyone talks about who won, but there was actually a moment where miss utah had a little bit of difficulty with one of the questions from a judge. so let's listen and talk about it.

>> a recent report shows that in 40% of american families with children, women are the primary earners, yet they continue to earn less than men. what does it say about society?

>> i think we can relate this back to education and how we are continuing to try to strive to to figure out how to create jobs right now. that is the biggest problem. and i think especially the men are seen as the leaders of this and so we need to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem. thank you.

>> thank you utah. thank you sweetheart.

>> what was awkward about that? she was so pretty. did you see her? she was gorgeous. she smiled right in the middle of that. it was fine with me.

>> every guy thought she was hot.

>> i was fine with that.

>> have you ever been in that situation? this happens to me sometimes even here on our show. i'm midsentence. i'm talking and honest to god, i can't remember what -- and i try so desperately to find it again. you know how you're trying to find the words. i think if i talk long enough will come back to me.

>> you are a professional. if it happens to you. there's a lot of heat to step out and get that and --

>> you brought up the miss teen usa , miss south carolina , i think it was.

>> the iraq n such as the --

>> let's relive that just for a minute.

>> that's really tough.

>> a fifth of americans can't locate the u.s. on a world map . why do you think this is?

>> i personally believe that u.s. americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don't have that. and i believe that our education, like such as in south africa and the iraq , everywhere such as, i believe that they should -- our education over here in the u.s. should help the u.s. -- or should help south africa and should help the iraq and the asian countries . so we will be able to build up our future.

>> oh, my.

>> that's hard. come on.

>> if you took all of those words and you restrung them together, it might be a coherent sentence. it's possible.

>> by the way, she's now an actor and a model, in case you were wondering.

>> we don't need that much to be actors. you really -- it's very simple.

>> kim kardashian had a baby over the weekend.

>> congratulations.

>> about a month early. they did the odds on naming the baby. and one of the big questions , i think with kim and kanye is, people are obviously willing to pay a lot of money for that photo. and, you know, you wonder about that and what that does. what do you think about paying for a photo like that?

>> as long as they didn't get pregnant just for that to have the baby and get the money. if somebody offered me x amount of dollars, 15 bucks, i would have sold a picture of my son. but there's something they can do for their child. not that the child will be needing the money. but they could sell it for $1 million, i say bank it, put it in the -- put it in a little account where the parents can't touch it. not that those guys need the money but the kid will have it when they turn 18 and could do something with it.

>> there's a weird, gross disgusting trend out there.

>> i thought it was something i just did.

>> this is called -- it's gross -- eyeball licking. the story broke this weekend in japan. kids are licking each other's eyeballs. it's formally known as -- can you read that?

>> worming?

>> no.

>> occulolincist.

>> second base is something completely different.

>> licking. that is so -- i guess a japanese band was doing it for a music video and kids watched it and thought how cool that is.

>> i guess. that doesn't -- come here.

>> this is your first brush with eyeball licking?

>> ripley's believe it or not we had sister strange things and there was a romanian woman who would clean your eyes. if you had dirt or sand in there. she got in there.

>> she licked your eyeballs?

>> she steam cleaned. she was wicked. so we have a lot of footage of that. but i don't think that caught on the same way as this band split --

>> this is gross.

>> if i see my son licking somebody's eyeball, we're going to --

>> you're going to have it out.

>> there's an issue. we're going to talk about that.

>> when we saw dean cain come in, people say, oh, my gosh, he looks just like he did. there's something about actors who age and actors who don't. we're going to play a game called, who's older?

>> ah haw.

>> your ahead for this? we're going to play the game . we're both going to guess. who is older? paul rudd or blake shelton ? i think i'm going with paul rudd .

>> i'm going to say you're probably right.

>> paul rudd we say. are we right? we are right. paul is 44. blake is 36.

>> both young.

>> ready? rob lowe versus jamie foxx . who is older?

>> jamie foxx .

>> really?

>> yeah, for sure. i dknow them both.

>> i'm going with rob lowe .

>> who is right?

>> rob lowe is older. he's 49. jamie foxx is only 45.

>> i apologize, jamie. i was trying to give rob a compliment.

>> daniel craig versus johnny depp . who is older?

>> daniel craig .

>> i'm going johnny depp .

>> we're splitting here.

>> johnny depp is older. he's 50. are you kidding?

>> are you kidding? daniel craig is only 45. all right. let's see if you know this one. leo dicaprio and matt damon .

>> i do know the answer to this one.

>> i doubt it.

>> now you are making me question myself. i'm going to say matt damon .

>> are you positive?

>> there we go.

>> okay. matt damon --

>> i was getting nervous.

>> matt damon is 42. leo is only 38. and the last one. john stamos versus john hamm .

>> two guys named john. they are very good looking. they don't even care.

>> i'll give it to john stamos .

>> i think you're right. i'm going to go with that.

>> stamos is 49, hamm is 42. how old are you speaking of --

>> mark wahlberg versus dean cain .

>> i know the answer.

>> are you sure?

>> yes.

>> he can't look that good and be older than me so it's got to be dean cain .

>> let's see if you're right.

>> dean cain is older. mark wahlberg is 42.

>> how old are you?

>> 46. i'm going to be 47 in a month.

>> oh, my god. you look really nice. you look so great. you are doing this great new show. tell us about that.

>> "hit the floor" on vh1. it's a new episode tonight. it's becoming a huge sort of hit on --

>> you judge dancers pretty much?

>> i'm a head basketball coach for a professional team but in my spare time i judge dancers. one of the girls is my daughter that i didn't know that i had. it's a very juicy show but tonight there's going to be some dancing on top of a pool that is going to sort of set some hearts aflame?

>> really?

>> are you involved in that?

>> no. but i can watch it.

>> tell us about your favorite thing.

>> my favorite thing is very simple. it's a brookstone sound machine. this is unbelievable. it makes sounds so you can sleep. and when you go to new environments it's a white noise . i sleep like a baby.

>> what do you listen to? just white noise or waves?

>> anything else i have a problem. i come here to new york. it's much louder than my home in malibu, and it's just different sounds and you have that orienting response. this puts me in that la la . what is yours?

>> if you want a good juicy beach read of all kinds of affairs and fun "the best of us." you'll be done with it in -- it is fun.

>> look how far you are in this thing.

>> i'm flying through it. it's by sarah pekkanen.

>> all right. i like it.