TODAY   |  June 17, 2013

Is Amanda Bynes’ strange behavior an act?

Bravo’s Andy Cohen chats with Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Dean Cain about Kim Kardashian giving birth to a baby girl over the weekend, Amanda Bynes allegedly telling a friend her bizarre behavior is all an act and Channing Tatum showing off a picture of his baby daughter.

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does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.

>>> we are back with more "today" on this monday. actor dean cain is here filling in for kathie. we're bringing you up to date with today's buzz.

>> there's no gossip for father's day weekend. from kim and kanye 's new baby to the "man of steel" they're not talking about me. it's not me. andy cohen has all the celebrity scoop.

>> you'll always be my man of steel, dean cain .

>> thank you, andy. are you kidding me? the movie bombed this weekend because he wasn't in it.

>> $125 million.

>> i guess it didn't bomb but i boycotted the film because dean cain wasn't in it.

>> so far heidi klum calling you the real superman. andy cohen . we're going to keep going.

>> it's only because they are in my presence.

>> d.c. is single.

>> he is.

>> ladies, line up.

>> where is my favorite nut bag? kathie lee .

>> oh, is that what that is?

>> you are in big trouble . kath is coming back in tomorrow. andy, you missed it. let's talk kim and kanye . they had a baby.

>> they had a baby. it's a girl.

>> thank you.

>> i think the big question is going to be, what is now going to happen for someone who has so lived her life so publicly in front of the cameras, kanye has said in interviews, he does not want this baby to be a part of her on-camera universe. so that's the big question.

>> the first thing that happens, are they selling the baby pictures?

>> we are.

>> did he make it back for the birth?

>> apparently he did. allegedly. because there was a kanye show, i think in l.a., that i saw a picture of bieber sneaking out of.

>> okay.

>> and so, yes, i'm putting two and two together.

>> all right. so other baby news. channing tatum .

>> he instagrammed a cute picture of his daughter everley.

>> so cute.

>> aw.

>> sweet couple.

>> let's just say this is kim and kanye 's baby, too, and now we've all seen the baby. babies are cute.

>> i did see a text that said baby picture and i thought it was kim and kanye 's. instead it was this one.

>>> so melissa mccarthy .

>> rex reed , the critic, called her -- he made some terrible fat jokes about her in a movie review he did last year. and she kind of came out to "the new york times," asked her about it. she said 20 years ago that really would have -- her off but that now she's in a great place and that he must be in a really dark, vile place to be spewing such hatred.

>> what do you think about critics like that?

>> nasty. don't you?

>> she's so talented.

>> he called her a one-trick comedian.

>> what a loser.

>> only in dark, dark places, by the way.

>> amanda bynes .

>> that's so sad. such a sad situation.

>> did you ever date amanda bynes .

>> no, i did not. and i'm not willing to try at this point in time. not now.

>> she is available.

>> apparently. i don't know.

>> she lunged at someone with a camera phone this weekend and she also tweeted someone and said you know what? this whole thing is an act and it's all pre --

>> do you believe that?

>> no, no, i don't.

>> i feel like she's really troubled. i think it's more of than a gee whiz , bad car accident.

>> it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to have that opinion.

>> what exactly did you just say?

>> that's what he said.

>> no, i think she is, yes.

>> and this plays out in the public eye much more so than it might if you were kathie lee . i'm sorry.

>> let's talk about the weekend box office , shall we? we already talked about dean's movie.

>> we did. "man of steel."

>> starring me. it was great.

>> they should have asked you to cameo.

>> i agree with you. anything. i would have been happy to be there.

>> what did you think of the movie. you said you went to see it.

>> i didn't know he said what he saw. i was chatting with heidi klum . you were doing a cooking segment with my best friend in 15 minutes .

>> what's his name?

>> bruce bossie jr. from the palm.