TODAY   |  June 17, 2013

Heidi Klum: I try to keep it ‘positive’ on ‘Talent’

Actress and mom Heidi Klum, the newest judge on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” tells Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Dean Cain that when saying no to an act, she tries to give positive feedback.

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>>> heidi klum is one busy one, known as one of the most gorgeous women in the world. she's got her hands full as a mother of four, a fashion designer and one of the newest judges on the nbc hit show " america 's got talent."

>> if you've seen her in action, she's not afraid to say it like it is.

>> apparently neither are the talented acts. check it out.

>> i loved it. i thought that you were really cool. i loved your confidence and the way you were singing, walking around.

>> i was confident until you started talking and looking directly at me and now i'm not. you're beautiful in person, by the way.

>> thank you. don't forget about me. i want to be in the front row .

>> heidi klum .

>> hello. hello.

>> everybody is wondering, she is that beautiful in person.

>> no kidding.

>> heidi, wow. what a great start again to " america 's got talent." you're on the show. you got to change the dynamic completely with you and mel d., haven't you?

>> having four judges, it's harder almost for the contestants because they have to have three yeses in order to go forward. so you have more opinions, i guess.

>> some of these acts are crazy. we talked about a couple of days ago, there was a guy who was an opera singer . he came on the stage. you didn't know what he was going to be doing. and he belted out that opera song, and he proposed to his girlfriend after. it was a moment that --

>> because he had a female voice. it was insane. i didn't expect this coming out of his voice and then he proposed to his girlfriend. it was like a wonderful, wonderful moment. every moment is great. even sometimes when there's acts on there that are doing ridiculous things that make us laugh. like, for me, i have so much fun being there all day looking at 30, 40 acts. some of them you forget because it goes so fast. you are just buzzing, buzzing. and then, wow, you get someone like this guy. and it's like, wow! where have you been? no one has ever heard this man before.

>> is that the guy with the tremendous back story, the story of --

>> no, that is jonathan. he is really close to my heart. he is this guy that two years to ago told his family that he's gay and he got kicked out. and that's him. and hardly ever i feel so emotional for people. his story -- i'm so happy when he opened his mouth and something good came out because i feel like he has such tragedy in his life.

>> you think sometimes -- the back stories can be so moving. does that ever help or hurt you when you are deciding if they are really good enough?

>> if he would have been a bad singer, i would have pushed that buzzer because i have to be fair to all the people that are on there. but i was so happy for him. he hasn't a home right now because his parents kicked him out. he has no job. and i don't know. i just love the guy.

>> is it hard because sometimes you see kids on there. it would kill me if i had to say, sorry, you're not that good.

>> it's hard. you have to say it.

>> you are a mother.

>> am i doing any good to them saying they are great and pushed them forward if they aren't?

>> no, but that's awfully tough to do. i would not want to be in those shoes.

>> i try to send them off on a positive note. maybe you aren't as direct as you would be with a grown-up who can deal with it maybe a little better. i try to send them off on a positive note.

>> it's a cute necklace, by the way, that little -- what is that?

>> i actually did get it from howard .

>> howard gave you a present? wow.

>> it's funny that you pointed it out.

>> it just stands out. it's beautiful. did he just give it to you for fun?

>> beth and howard gave this to me for my 40th birthday.

>> you're not 40 years old. i refuse to believe that. wow.

>> it's a lot of makeup and good lighting.

>> no, it's not.

>> we wish you the best of luck with " america 's got talent."

>> you are mom approved. your mom thinks you're great.

>> and you're the best superman.

>> " america 's got talent" airs tuesday at 8:00, 7:00 central.