TODAY   |  June 17, 2013

Why Gene Wilder is a hot Google search

Google’s technologist chats about the weekend’s top searches, including Lindsey Vonn, who recently opened up about her relationship with Tiger Woods, and Gene Wilder, who had some critical comments about the “Willy Wonka” remake.

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>>> in between your tributes to dad a lot of you were on google checking out what's new.

>> here to break down the hottest searchers is daniel. welcome back. this is not based on the most searched items, rather the most spiking items.

>> trending searches is what we call them, yes.

>> the first one, gene wilder . many of us loved him in charlie and the chocolate factory but apparently he doesn't love the newest version of willie wonka . he's the original willie wonka and he made comments about the most recent one in 2005 saying that tim burton was more in it for the money and didn't like johnny depp 's portrayal.

>> the original was a good one too.

>> our next trending item, lindsey vonn , we saw a lot of her on tv following tiger woods at the u.s. open .

>> she did an interview recently with the new york times and talked about what their relationship is like. they have come out as dating. she is an olympic skier but she sticks to skiing and he sticks to golf and they talk about it once in awhile in their relationship but tiger woods didn't do so well at the u.s. open but she was still around to see how he was performing.

>> next, bling ring. a lot of people searching that term. there's a movie out. not one of the most watched movies but it did okay.

>> it did well.

>> it is based on a true story in 2009 . this group of teenagers managed to rob a number of celebrity homes and got away with billions of dollars in items and there's attention being paid to it. people wanted to check out how legitimate.

>> what do they say.

>> it's fairly true. it's getting a lot of attention.

>> i feel like they buried it here -- hoodie pillow.

>> lucky fathers got a chance to get a hoodie pillow this weekend.

>> it's a hoodie with a built in pillow.

>> you can inplate the pillow. if people are traveling and thinking about having this on a plane. so style and comfort together.

>> there's a notable celebrity who likes it.

>> that's right. we have kathie lee modeling it.

>> you can take it with you anywhere you want to go.

>> can you pull it over your eyes.

>> you can. you can cover your eyes and tighten the