TODAY   |  June 17, 2013

Nick Lachey: Being a dad ‘has changed everything’

Nick Lachey talks about hosting new singing competition show “The Winner Is,” which will award $1 million to the winning contestant, new fatherhood, and 98 Degrees’ tour with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men.

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>>> he is one of the most famous boy banders ever. fresh off a sold out concert just last night. working hard.

>> nick lachey is on the subtly titled package tour with 98 degrees .

>> i did not name the tour. i'm just on the tour.

>> i don't understand.

>> we'll talk to you about it later al.

>> but nick stopped by this morning to tell us about a show he's hosting on nbc called "the winner".

>> glad to be here.

>> it's a combination of american idol and deal or no deal . it's talent and you're betting on yourself.

>> yeah, if you combine those shows that's what our show would be. perform against someone else in head to head competition. we have 101 voters in the audience that vote on the competition we tell you the scores but we don't tell you who got what. you have to decide did i win that or did i lose. and i should probably take the money and walk away .

there's a lot of different scenarios.

>> it goes up to $ 1 million .

>> $ 1 million is the grand prize . if you win the preliminary episode you move into the $ 1 million finale. only sing six songs and walk away with $ 1 million .

>> congratulations, your proud poppa. nine month old camden.

>> i did a lullaby album dedicated to him. special, emotional, personal project for me and something i can share with him.

>> how has that changed your life.

>> it's changed everything in life. most parents will tell you, every decision you make, every moment now has a different perspective to it. a different gravity to it.

>> would that be one of the greatest days of your life? would it be up there --

>> taking a shot at me.

>> i will tell you yesterday was one of the greatest days of my life. my wife surprised me with a boat cruise around ma hat tan, my son and she and i --

>> and you performed last night.

>> performed last night in brooklyn at the new barclay center which was awesome.

>> because you were working hard last night, we have a father's day gift basket for you as well.

>> oh boy.

>> i'm the number one dad.

>> we're going to put number 100 on that.

>> when he gets home they're going to treat him like number two.

>> i'm in trouble. i'm counting on them still being at hershey park . when you get out there on the tour, you're out there with the new kids on the block , boys 2 men. is it different for you 15 or 10 years later?

>> it is and it isn't. the body hurts more than it did 12 years ago but the reaction is the same. these women are still having the time of their lives. out there screaming their faces off and for us on stage there's no better crowd you could ever perform for than that crowd. it's amazing every night.

>> filling the arenas.

>> nick lachey . thanks so much. looking forward to seeing the show. you can catch "the winner is" here tonight right after the voice on nbc.