TODAY   |  June 17, 2013

Heidi Klum: 'You never know what happens' on ‘Talent’

The supermodel and busy mom of four talks about taking her talents to the judges’ table at “America’s Got Talent” and her impressions of fellow judges Mel B., Howie Mandel, and Howard Stern.

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>>> we're back at 8:37 with super model , entrepreneur and mom of four heidi klum . he has been in the international spotlight for more than 20 years now and she is taking on a brand new challenge as a judge on america 's got talent. take a look. [ music playing ] i loved it. i thought that you were really cool. i loved your confidence and the way you were singing walking around.

>> i was confident until you started talking and looking directly at me and now i'm not. your beautiful in person.

>> thank you. don forget me. when i come i want to be in the front row .

>> i will never forget about you.

>> highly klum nice to see you.

>> good morning. you were about to go in and start shooting this. how does it meet expectations.

>> i love it. i love sitting there. i love sitting there with my judges judging 30 to 40 acts every day. it's amazing because you never know what happens. you never know who is next coming on to your stage. always a surprise.

>> it's a diverse panel. the judges are different. i'll say a name, you tell me the first thing that comes to your mind, howie mandell.

>> goofy.

>> but he's been there the longest.

>> he is a comedian and so funny. he makes me laugh all the time. there's a lot of comedians also that try out on america 's got talent so i'm always judging them next to him because he makes me laugh all day and i'm like you're not as good as howie mandell.

>> mel b .

>> strict but fair.

>> howard stern .

>> i would say stern.

>> stern with you or the contestants.

>> he's a lamb behind the scenes but when the red light is on and they're recording he gets quite stern.

>> one of the things that's different about this show than other talent shows is children are allowed to participate. you're the mom of four. do you get nervous when you have to be brutally honest with a child on stage. do you think about what would it will like if your own children were up there.

>> of course i kid comes on to the stage and i always root for them and hope they're going to be good. especially when they sing and you're like it's my turn and i have to tell the kid the truth. i have to though. i'm a judge. i can't say they sounded amazing if they didn't but i always think as a parent you also have to be kind of honest with your child's talent and maybe you should think about it if you put them up for something like that.

>> we all tell our kids they're great at everything which does them a disservice in the end.

>> yeah.

>> so you're judging other people's talent. they're standing up there. what is your biggest talent. please demonstrate it right now. can you sing.

>> oh goodness.

>> your an actress.

>> i'm giving you a zoolander look.

>> are you dr. evil?

>> i couldn't think of anything.

>> do you have a talent we don't know.

>> probably not. i was always good at modeling. that worked out for me i guess.

>> not too bad. we have someone in the audience, beth , that wants to ask you a question.

>> hey beth .

>> hi heidi.

>> how are you.

>> what's your question.

>> i was wondering what your best beauty secret is for women over 40.

>> i would always say that eating right, exercising, sleeping a lot, drinking a lot of water. i think that is all important, obviously, you know, to keep your hair beautiful, your skin, your nails and your happy smile.

>> you just passed that milestone.

>> i did. i just turned 40.

>> as someone that made a living as a model, did that number freak you out at all.

>> not me. but people ask you all the time how do you feel, how has it changed? are you going to go botox. the questions are coming at you all the time.

>> will you do things like that?

>> i haven't. i don't know if i will going forward. i don't think i will because i like myself the way i am. yes i have wrinkles around the eyes and my mom says don't talk with your forehead going up and down and that's the way i am. i feel weird if it's all frozen. i'm happy, i'm laughing and nothing moves. so i don't think i'm going to go down that road but who knows.

>> and we want to thank beth for her question. heidi good luck. nice to see you again. " america 's got talent" is tomorrow night at a special time. 8:00, 7:00 central before the voice's live finale.