TODAY   |  June 17, 2013

Kris Jenner: Kim’s baby is ‘doing great’

The reality TV star and her Grammy-winning boyfriend Kanye West became proud parents to a baby girl this weekend, just in time for Father’s Day. E!’s Jason Kennedy reports.

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>>> you may have heard there's one more kardashian to keep up with this morning. kim kardashian and kanye west became proud parents to a baby girl over the weekend. jason kennedy is in los angeles with the details.

>> reporter: good morning. the royal baby of the americas was born over the weekend just in time for kanye west to come face to face with his reason for celebrating father's day. kim kardashian and kanye west are waking upmost likely very early as the proud parents of a baby girl . on the red carpet of the daytime emmys chris generkris jenner talked about the edition.

>> we're thrilled and she's doing great and beautiful. she also send a happy father's day to kanye through the twitter verse while khloe said i cannot even begin to talk about the miracle of our family.

>> they haven't shared any specific details.

>> kim had a few bumps in the road during her pregnancy. she settled her divorce to chris humphries during that time and she was also criticized for wardrobe choices. the entire family is happy and excited about the special delivery . kanye west cancelled his appearance on friday night 15 minutes before his scheduled arrival to make sure he was by kim's side.

>> reporter: in a recent interview kanye said i would do anything to protect my child or my child's mother, as simple as that. he continued i just don't want to talk to america about my family. this isn't america's baby. there will be no anonymity for this baby who will be in the spotlight like his famous mom and dad . by the way, i have to say this is a big week for the family with the release of kanye 's 6th solo album. it's called yeezus and critics and fans are buzzing about this one.

>> a lot of people do love the music. very good. jason kennedy in los angeles .