TODAY   |  June 17, 2013

Colorado fire 65 percent contained

Residents in Colorado are beginning to return home while firefighters say the Black Forest Fire that has killed two and destroyed hundreds of homes is now 65 percent contained. The Weather Channel’s David Malkoff reports.

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>>> well, firefighters in colorado are making more progress against the costliest wild fire in that state's history. david is in colorado springs this morning. david, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning savannah. it is 65% contained right now but that doesn't mean the fire is out. they're calling it the blast forest fire and as we learned through the weekend as we toured the area, that's exactly what it looks like. we're talking 20 square miles burned through neighborhoods. more than 500 homes have been burned to the ground here. two people have died and it's very hard for the 1200 crews that are out there and going acre by acre trying to put the fire out. it's burning in the most unusual places right now. not on a hillside, a ridge of fire you would normally see. this is burning underneath the ground and inside the trees -- yes, inside these ponderosa pines . it's very difficult but they're doing that this morning.

>>> thank you very much.