TODAY   |  June 16, 2013

More money spent on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day

Research shows that on Father’s Day, dads end up getting the short end of the stick when it comes to gift-giving. NBC’s Tom Llamas, a guest co-host on TODAY and a new dad, said, “To be honest, all we want is the big piece of chicken.”

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>> it's your first father's day.

>> and i got a reality check. we sit through dance recitals and we coach little league , masters was the grill. on father's day, well, we end up getting the short end of the stick.

>> what do daddies get for all this work? a big piece of chicken.

>> when it comes to the question mom or dad, sorry, dad --

>> you mothers know how to work mother's day.

>> but moms, they come out on top every time.

>> where does mommy keep the extra dipers?

>> only 79% of americans are expected to celebrate the father's day this year while 86% celebrated mom on her day.

>> americans spend $7 billion more on mother's day than on father's day.

>> when it comes to gifts, moms get treated better there, too. their gifts cost $50 more than dads.

>> labor and stretch marks.

>> the top gifts for dads, sporting events and meals out. and for moms, you guessed it, jewelry.

>> i haven't gotten my father anything yet.

>> we appreciate mothers much more.

>> so today give a little extra love to dad who may not have given birth to you but loves you just as much. and, to be honest, all we want is a big piece of chicken.

>> you share it with graduates.

>> i think dads are always so hard to pie for. it's easier to say, go play golf or go to a game. go enjoy your day. i feel like moms are easier to buy for.

>> they are easier.

>> we have a little picture of you with your family, your new baby girl . i believe so. tell us her name?

>> maria. it's amazing.

>> that's really the gift.

>> it's amazing. i went from taking out the trash and now a promotion to taking out the diaper trash.

>> you have arrived. a happy