TODAY   |  June 16, 2013

Plane lands after threatening letter found onboard

A flight that originated in Cairo was diverted to Glasgow, Scotland after a suspicious note was found onboard. A BBC reporter on the flight said she found the message written on a napkin, which said in English, "I'll set this plane on fire," with a seat number. NBC’s Maria Schiavocampo reports.

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>>> an egypt air flight landed safely here in new york just hours ago after a passenger found a threatening note onboard.

>> that flight was first diverted to scotland while they questioned passengers.

>> reporter: passengers were expecting a direct flight from cairo to jfk. instead they ended up in scotland with a very serious scare in the air. relief as passengers arrived safely this morning at jfk airport .

>> i think everybody knew it was an ordeal and they were all smiling and welcoming us home.

>> i'm so tired. i just want to go to bed. i am very happy to be home.

>> reporter: the flight that originated from cairo was diverted to glasgow, scotland . a bbc reporter on the flight says she found a threatening message written on a napkin in the bathroom.

>> it said in english, i'll set this plane on fire with seat number 46-d written on it.

>> reporter: british military jets were called in to escort the plane to scotland . at first passengers were told it was a technical issue. nbc news producer carol goebel was also onboard.

>> we descended fairly quickly. as we got on the ground we realized police were surrounding the airplane.

>> reporter: snipers and police greeted passengers when they landed at the airport. anxious passengers were taken off the plane escorted arm in arm by police.

>> the snipers were trained on us the entire time.

>> reporter: passengers were ordered to give dna and interrogated about what happened onboard.

>> they asked us about the restrooms we had used.

>> reporter: despite the questions, weary passengers say there was no panic.

>> it was always calm. this is a flight for international travelers. everybody was calm.

>> reporter: so far there have been no arrests as investigators are still trying to determine who wrote that threatening note. erica?