TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

Kid-friendly: Make root beer ribs for Father’s Day

Chef Brain Morris from, along with his 9-year-old-son Jack, show how to make one of their favorite meals they cook together, root beer ribs, and strawberry granita for Kathie Lee and Hoda.

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>>> it's time for today's kitchen, what's cooking. we have something very special for father's day that's sweet and spicy.

>> we have a friendly grilling competition going on between 9-year-old jack morris . and his father chef brian morris from hey, kids. how is everybody?

>> happy father's day.

>> thank you.

>> this is fun. the father/son duo.

>> what better way to celebrate it than around the grill with your kids and easy recipes.

>> you guys actually love to cook together, right?

>> yes.

>> what's the best thing about your dad?

>> he's a very good cook.

>> so what are we making?

>> we're making root beer ribs, sweet potato fries and strawberry --

>> what makes your ribs unique?

>> they don't have the typical brown sugar in the rub. they have root beer instead. they are real easy to cook in the oven, ahead of time. no fancy smoker needed. you can mix up the rub. a little paprika, chili powder , salt and pepper . he's going to massage that right in. jack says the ribs are stressed out because they're about to get eaten.

>> rub that in.

>> massage it in there, pal. then they'll go right in a pan like this and we'll pour the root beer around. they bake in about an hour and a half.

>> you bake them first.

>> you can do that ahead of time. easy to finish on the grill.

>> put it in there. show us what you've got.

>> get in there.

the root beer can go right around. not on top because we don't want to wash the dry rub off.

>> and then cover it.

>> cover it with a little foil. right into the oven it goes.

>> that took five seconds. very, very simple.

>> then turn on the grill after.

>> once they are cooked, take them out. put them in the fridge if they are very later. we'll mix up a really simple barbecue sauce . you don't have to cook it in all this fussy stuff. your favorite canned barbecue sauce . we're going to thin it out a little bit with water. i like a little espresso powder. it adds a lot of richness. it doesn't taste like coffee and won't keep him up.

>> that looks delish.

>> put in of that on there? all right.

>> and then down here, the finished product. these are sweet potato fries?

>> yes.

>> do you like these?

>> he does not -- this boy does not like sweet potatoes . he likes the regular kind. i'm with you. even though these are much better for you.

>> come on down. get on this one.

>> and the sweet potato fries are a great way to use the leftover hot coals.

>> we're going to try to talk about the dessert.

>> this is really simple. fresh in-season strawberries, lime juice, water. freeze it and scrape it with a fork. we made some for you with a little bit of red wine in it as well. right here.

>> this is called a grenita.

>> it's like ice cream without an ice creammaker.

>> these are fantastic. way to go.