TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

Lou Manfredini quizzes hot dads about tools

The host of “House Smarts” shows how to fix a door that won’t shut all the way and quizzes KLG and Hoda, along with a group of hot dads, on their knowledge of tools.

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>>> we are back on this try-day friday with a special installment of "ask lou ." first the answers to your questions those pesky problems around your house.

>> if you remember, we asked you to send in phot of those hot dads you knew for ivillage, the hot dads contest. the finalists are here. lou shows you a thing or two, then he'll put our hot dads and us to the test.

>> all right.

>> seems like a thrott do, but we'll t come on down here. here's our first ask lou . where is it? okay. i don't know. i don't have it. so what's the first question?

>> so what it is is that sheree asked. i have an outside faucet behind a bush. is it possible to add something to the faucet so that she can move it over two feet so that she can turn it on and off because she doesn't want to move her bushes.

>> this is easy. so this is a faucet extender that you can buy at any hardware store. this apparatus is a stake that goes into the ground. you put a three-foot or four-foot section of garden hose that you attach to the spigot. it has his own spigot and you can move it around. this is a $25 item. you can install it in 15 seconds.

>> why doesn't she get a flexible hose.

>> you love the flexible hose.

>> she got one.

>> i got four of them.

>> and you're excited.

>> i'm out of my mind.

>> so we have another question from somebody.

>> here it is.

>> she asks this. how can i fix a lopsided bathroom door. i can't secure the door shut, let alone lock it.

>> move.

>> this is a trick that i learned back in the '70s from a carpenter i used to work with. it uses lipstick. you can't quite figure out where it is. on the latch you take the lipstick on the latch and paint the tip of the door. hold the latch open. it's going to leave an imprint on the door tell you whether the door has to rise up or go down so that it latches properly.

>> what are you talking about?

>> i'm going to paint this. when i put the latch and hold it shut and release the latch it's going to leave a mark here. if the mark is low, i know that the door has to pitch this way. then i take a long screw like this on the hinge up top. i really tighten it. the whole door -- and then she can close her door.

>> with one long screw?

>> one long screw.

>> i just wanted to say it.

>> so now we're going to play a little game. so kathie and i each have two hot dads.

>> of course we do.

>> one of them is the winner.

>> we're going to play a little guessing game . this is not the contest yet. that's later. we're going to play a contest.

>> we're going to show you tools. kinds of things dads should know. i'm looking for the vernacular, not just -- we're going to start with something easy. what's this?

>> we've got it right here.

>> screw driver .

>> flat head screw driver .

>> here we go. ready?

>> hammer.

>> what do you got right here?

>> hammer. no, you got it. you have to buzz in first.

>> hammer, all right.

>> i was looking for claw hammer . what's this?

>> you guys know?

>> no idea.

>> i'm going to give you a hint.

>> meow.

>> cat?

>> cat's paw is what it's called.

>> what is that for?

>> pulling nails. the vernacular is cat's paw. are you ready?

>> yes.

>> breast pump .

>> i cannot believe i just pulled a breast pump out.

>> hold on. we need to get the score fixed. you guys are beating us.

>> 3-1. it's either 3-1 or 4-1.

>> now this was not around when i was a young dad but maybe you guys know.

>> genie diaper.

>> diaper genie .

>> tiebreaker. tiebreaker.

>> she's hitting the button before she even sees it.

>> ear thermometer.

>> that was a tie.

>> who is the winner?

>> my guys.

>> here's the complete -- here's the complete dvd set of "bob the builder." it's a complete dvd set of "bob the builder." they don't live together.

>> well, there's multiple dvds.

>> here's what's going to happen.

>> thank you.

>> we're going to find out, of these four, who is the hottest guy? of 2013 .