TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

And the hottest dad winner is…

After more than 1,500 fathers entered iVillage’s Hot Dads contest this year, Liz Zack introduces the grand prize winner, Andrew Ungaro, a Navy doctor with two kids and a charming southern accent.

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>>> we are back with ivillage's hot dad contest. and it's time to find out who will be taking the coveted crown. liz zach is the editorial director of pregnancy and parenting at it there's a fantastic prize.

>> it's a one-week visit to scrub island . the dads and their wives.

>> you narrowed it down to these four hotties. 150,000 votes this year.

>> everybody thinks their husband and father of their child is --

>> i had to tell my husband he's ineligible.

>> let's talk about the dads. brendan is first.

>> brendan is our newby dad winner. he has two daughters. we have andrew andrews the winner of our military dad category. he's a navy doctor, ladies. contain yourself, right? we have david from california who is an entrepreneur. via south africa .

>> exactly.

>> a great accent.

>> and jeff who is a s.w.a.t. team sergeant and also an author of a bullying book.

>> how to or how to fight them back?

>> both.

>> all right, guys.

>> we've been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.

>> okay.

>> now is it time for our big reveal?

>> we're ready.

>> the winner of the 2013 ivillage hot dad contest is --

>> yep, hold on.

>> andrew .

>> andrew !

>> congratulations. andrew , that is so thrilling.

>> let me give this to you. hold on. we're going to give you a sash. it's probably the first time you've ever won one. congratulations.

>> this is how we do it. very nice. you get -- come on, mom. we can't see you.

>> wait a minute. wait a minute.

>> the crown.

>> you need a speedo.

>> it's called a photo op . and probably the most important item of all. what do you think?

>> there you go.

>> all kinds of fun stuff.

>> have a seat. have a seat.

>> what do you think? what do you think of getting the --

>> overwhelming.

>> really?

>> yes.

>> it's good.

>> it's like getting your medical license .

>> yeah pretty much.

>> what do you think of your husband being the one selected?

>> i mean, he definitely deserves it. he's a hard working good dad. he's a wonderful dad.

>> what are your kids going to think?

>> i don't know. they're going to be proud. they're going to be proud. it will be good.

>> we hope you enjoy the prize. all these other dads here are pretty spectacular themselves.

>> they really are.

>> you really have your work cut out for you.

>> congratulations, everybody.