TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

Hoda: It’s possible to instantly dislike someone

Chatting about first meetings with Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb describes a certain close-talker who instantly gave a bad first impression.

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>> hello, everybody. it is try-day friday, june 14th . hoda, did you know this is also flag day ?

>> where's our flag?

>> i don't know.

>> where is our flag?

>> we're flying it proudly. we still live, regardless of what you've heard, we still live in the greatest country on this planet.

>> why we certainly do. we're going to begin with who is going to be the winner of our hot dads contest.

>> who is the hottest?

>> ivillage contest. there were 1,500 entries. we narrowed it down to four dads. and they are all fighting for number one. here they are.

>> brendan gibson. andrew ongaro. david emanyual, jeff shelton. in our studio live.

>> beautiful guys and their beautiful families.

>> they're here. they're nervous.

>> they're just like women at a beauty pageant . checking each other out.

>> i sense that you guys are sucking it in a little bit. sucking it in and putting it out there if you know what i mean .

>> we're going to find out later in the show. here's a question for you. this question was asked in "parade" magazine to ask marilyn . there was a question about first impressions. when you meet someone for the first time, have you ever met someone and instantly disliked them. you meet them and there's a switch that flips and you are o-u-t out. the question is, is that possible?

>> this is a woman, the genius, marilyn. and she said, without saying a word, we present information about ourselves by the way we dress, our makeup or our facial hair . and that's why i deal with my facial hair on a regular basis. when we start talking, we add more information. so don't feel guilty about being turned off by someone right away.

>> i don't think that's it.

>> i think heshe's cleaning it up a little bit. i think you don't like someone because they remind you of someone else you don't like.

>> you can't stand.

>> i don't think it's them initially. like i've had that with -- there's a girl who works in the building -- sorry. anyway. she would come in to my office and i would have an instant -- and i don't have that -- an instant turnoff. and then she'd talk close to you. then i would get up like i had somewhere to go and it was like a dance. i'm walking and she's still walking like right here all the way.

>> is she still here?

>> yes.

>> but you have an instant thing. i couldn't help it. i felt terrible because i'm sure she's nice. it was just a weird thing i had.

>> you hate to admit that you may be biased in any way because you like to think i'm a fair-minded person. i don't like it when there's a whole bunch of tattoos and piercings. i have to fight it because i've met a lot of people with tattoos and piercings who are very sweet people. it's usually what you aren't used to but you don't know anybody like that. it puts you off.

>> you remember when --

>> it's wrong, but we did it.

>> remember when we met russell brand . perfect example. we loved him.

>> he's like fascinating.

>> but in the beginning, we were like, i don't know.

>> but we loved him. he's great.

>> you know when you are speaking to someone and making eye contact . the question is, what's the normal -- what's a good length of time to hold eye contact ?

>> before you blink or just look away ?

>> that's not creepy. you are having a conversation and you are looking at someone because you are engaged, you are listening. and "the wall street journal " says that there is a ten -- around ten seconds is how long you should hold eye contact . that's kind of a long time. don't you think?

>> yes, but there are other people you can stare into their eyes for an hour and a half and it wouldn't seem long enough.

>> do you ever feel self-conscious when you are looking at someone too long and the person is feeling a little awkward.

>> especially if they are looking at one part of you.

>> i don't like that.

>> you think you have spinach in your tooth.

>> i just go, what?

>> some people look at mouths just because they do. that's what they look at when you're talking. some look at noses. some are up here. i know i have --

>> one guy i met and he was a pretty doggone looking guy. i met him at a party. and he was looking here.

>> where?

>> uh-huh. uh-huh. i said excuse me. those are my breasts. my eyes are up here.

>> you said that?

>> i did.

>> good for you.

>> i wanted him to know i was on to him, and so were they.

>> let's see how long ten seconds feels.

>> ten seconds from here doesn't feel bad.

>> but this -- okay, ready? let's start the clock. okay. go.

>> so, hoda, what are you going to be doing this weekend.

>> you looked away.

>> let's try it again. i wasn't ready. start the clock again. i'm looking for the clock. go.

>> hoda, i love you. what are we doing this weekend?

>> i'm going to nashville.

>> really? what are you going to be doing while you're in nashville. are you going to see old friends?

>> that's a long time. honestly, it's a long time. it's a long time.

>> let's be honest. it also has a lot to do with how the person smells.

>> oh, yes. yes. that's true. you back away from any kind of -- you know, you've been there.

>> yeah.

>> all righty. would you take medicine to stay happily married?

>> oxford university is doing this thing. they say if you --

>> they're really smart.

>> smart people and stuff. they say if they can replace some of those things that you are missing as you grow older, hormones and things it will enhance your relationship.

>> so they are saying oxytocin.

>> yes. so they are trying to develop whether you can snort this stuff. you don't have --

>> what's more romantic than that?

>> if you don't have any juice for your husband and you are just tired. they say if you snort this it will give you back your mojo.

>> or take restless leg syndrome medication. have you ever seen the commercials for restless leg , which is a condition for people.

>> it's a real condition, right.

>> they have this medicine. but if you are listening very closely at the end where they try to rush through all the things. and if you all of a sudden have uncontrollable sexual urges, you know, see a doctor. jerry is going, yeah. jerry has probably had some experience with this. i have a good friend who had restless leg syndrome who shall remain nameless, eva, and she's in london right now. she doesn't care. it was one of the funniest experiences of her life. she took the medication and she is a very elegant woman. i'm telling you, elegant. elegant! she's dressed to the nines and very much in love with her husband, but a very, yeah, controlled woman. well, let me tell you something.

>> what happened?

>> she said she couldn't walk down the street without going, i'm going to tear you apart. and anybody that came to the apartment, some delivery guy, she'd say -- it became a very big problem. she still loved her husband like crazy but she loved everybody else , too. she says she's never -- she said, i know it sounds funny and it sounds like how great. she's hot and horny at the age of whatever. she said it was a nightmare.

>> it was a nightmare?

>> yeah. yeah.

>> i like that.

>> we didn't get to this yesterday. or should we do my friday funnies.

>> let's do your friday funnies.

>> an elderly man was about to celebrate his 90th birthday.

>> okay.

>> so his buddies decided to treat him to a special gift. on the morning of the big day , the man heard a knock at his door. he opens the door and there stands the most beautiful, sexiest woman he's ever seen in his life in a very tight slinky dress. the woman looks him up and down and says, hi. happy birthday . i'm here to give you super sex . the man thought about it for a minute and said, i'll take the soup.

>> that was a good one.

>> oh, good one. okay. now let's go to --

>> we'll come back to it. we will. we have to go to our johnson 's baby of the week.

>> it's time for the johnson 's baby announcements. when we celebrate new moms and their adorable additions to their family. first sup skylar rose hegleman, 6 pounds, 6 ounces. parents lindsey and joe. our next johnson 's baby is bentley cole nordyke. this little guy who appears to already be a fan of the colorado state university rams was born in florida on may 2nd . parents cole and tori offer this new advice. focus on the joy in your baby. the little things can wait. and next is a sleeping beauty named mary briton jone ly in greenville, mississippi, on april 23rd . they say mary already looks just like her big sister mckay. and a baby that looks very happy. stella ruth haken. she was born in april to jeremy and amelia in houston, texas. her mom says that smile makes cleaning poop out of the carpet at 3:00 a.m . totally worth it.

>> why are they pooping on the carpet? put a diaper on the child.

>> they're all precious.

>> congratulations.

>>> is it okay or not okay? is it okay? is it okay or not okay to wear colorful, meaning nonwhite wedding dresses .

>> this again?

>> here's what we had to say.

>> it's simple, hoda. it's your day and your wedding and your dress. thank you.

>> that was very dramatic. what do you have to say?

>> it's your day.

>> i said that.

>> wear whatever makes you happy.

>> didn't i sort of say that.

>> i said it, too and first.

>> i was first.

>> we tested our animators with that. we just said, can they get all of that in there, and they did.

>>> a couple other quick things. twitter. our college students, you guys are tweeting like crazy. we asked, we gave a shout-out. do college kids watch us? we can't figure out why you would. it's the drinking, we figured. we want to say thanks to all of those from the different universities who are tweeting.

>> like who?

>> lynzi. she spells her name like that because she is cool.

>> and she said i attend ithaca college and pretty much have cable just to watch you two. also i'm actually from poughkeepsie. tony tweeted, i go to west virginia wesleyan college . i never miss klg and hoda or my entire day is off, just like missing my morning coffee if she misses us.

>> amare said i go to the fashion institute in new york city . i watch you ladies every day. send me a cronut.

>> this is crazy. this is bobka , okay? it is -- try a bite of this.

>> i've never heard of it.

>> it's a pastry.

>> i just want to find out. it's called try day friday.

>> it's chocolate bobka . named the best bobka in new york city . it's from bread's bakery. a chocolate jewish pastry and it is delicious.

>> i already ate a piece and i'm having another. so there.

>> go to for more info.