TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

John Stamos: I’m a huge Kathie Lee and Hoda fan

In his first visit to the Fourth Hour, actor John Stamos tells Kathie Lee and Hoda how much he loves their wine-drinking, and says it’d be an honor to be a regular on the USA Network show “Necessary Roughness,” where he’s currently guest-starring.

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>>> you told us to say this --

>> goeo.

>> gorgeo.

>> hollywood.

>> heartthrob --

>> with a very --

>> careful. careful.

>> who has obviously got what it takes. john stamos ' 30-year career included a string of successful tv shows , movies and stints on broadway and a few salacious --

>> oh, we love those commercials. you can just eat him up.

>> catch him on unnecessary roughness." he was not afraid to tell it like it is.

>> tell it.

>> take a look.

>> i tell my clients what they need to hear.

>> bring it.

>> a superstar receiver. not top three but maybe top five or six. he's got the kind of charisma money can't by. has no chance of backing it up.

>> what you need to do is convince the world you aren't just loveable but also reliable.

>> okay. how do i do that?

>> first, you convince me.

>> you're hot. you're hot in that. you are hot. you had her at hello.

>> i always wanted to be on your show. this is my first time. i'm happy to be here.

>> i'm a fan. i love because you guys are always liquored up, which is quite funny to me.

>> we're tightly wind.

>> you're liquored and it's funny. last time i got lickored up on a talk show , i got in trouble. i was in australia. that's why i try not to drink.

>> that made international news.

>> thank you for reminding me.

>> you can't do it when you are jet lagged.

>> this is how -- this is why i don't drink. fire up the jet to mexico. we would get to howard stern and we'd be in cabo by noon.

>> are we leaving hoda.

>> he said we.

>> we cannot leave hoda. it would hurt her feelings.

>> you were just making jokes about him. i said how is frank. she said --

>> you said he was barely kicking are the words --

>> i say it to his face every day. i say i can't believe you lived this long. and i say it every day. for someone whose relationships don't last very long, you should try a little humor like that at home. okay?

>> one for the drunky. everybody loves somebody some time

>> did you know dean martin ?

>> i did know dean martin . and i was in love with his son. didn't sleep with him either, but you knew him, right?

>> i met him once. i knew sammy.

>> let's talk for a second since we have like 30 seconds left. how is your show?

>> it aired a day or two ago.

>> and you are on for like 8 episodes out of 10.

>> i'm doing all ten.

>> do they have to pay you as a regular?

>> no, they had to pay me more, actually. no, i don't know. the show sort of reinvented itself. it's about this big sports agency and danny santino, callie thornton is a psychologist who works with the football players.

>> what we care is the way you have that sexy --

>> you already sold it.

>> i'm not regis. you can't interrupt. let me finish. and then she can work with different clients. she can work with lindsay lohan . go ahead.

>> but i think you like this and i see it as they're going to love you so much, the ratings are going to go through the roof and you'll be a regular before we know it.

>> it would be an honor. it's a top notch show.

>> can we talk about that commercial, the hot yogurt commercial.

>> which one? i don't mean hot, but i've done six commercials. for two or three years i've been the sponsor for oikos yogurt.

>> the one in the plane. or this.

>> all of them.

>> this one during the super bowl .

>> oh, yeah.

>> you playful thing.

>> she's going to get me, i think.

>> i've seen this one.

>> yes, watch what happens.

>> be careful. just give her the yogurt, stamos. you're going to get hurt.

>> john, thank you. "unnecessary roughness." you can come back any time. don't take 30 years.