TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

Got gas? Solving common health issues

TODAY nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom tests the TODAY anchors knowledge of the best way to deal with health issues like excess gas, leg cramps, and discolored teeth.

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>>> do you suffer from leg cramps ? do you have stained teeth from too much coffee? maybe you're a little gassy?

>> i saw that. what do you mean? we have to deal with these things from time to time. should you treat them with the diet, the drugstore or the diet. madeline is going to put us to the test once again.

>> good morning.

>> i'm afraid when i see those.

>> that's how you're going to buzz into your answer for questions about excess gas. who doesn't have that from time to time. first question, which of these things causes excess gas? snoring? chewing gum ? drinking orange juice or jumping rope? natalie you get it first?

>> chewing gum .

>> that's correct. you swallow air when you shoe gum.

>> i didn't know that.

>> which one of these things will help to relieve gas pain? is it taking two aspirins? two ounces of ultra dark chocolate or using a back massager.

>> what is -- that's jeopardy, chocolate, dark chocolate .

>> i would say using the back massager.

>> using the back massagers. where ever your pains are.

>> you're an expert. that's good.

>> are we done with the whoppi cushions?

>> we are. natalie 's not. let's move to leg cramps . let's start with potassium and magnesium. bananas, brown rice or avocados that have potassium and mag need yum.

>> bananas.

>> yeah. if you don't get enough in your diet how much calcium should you take in your day? 500, 100 milligrams or 2000 milligrams.

>> natalie .

>> you gave that one to her.

>> how much daily calcium do you need in a day.

>> 500, 1000 or 2000 .

>> it's obviously 500.

>> it's obviously not.

>> it's 1,000. redeem yourself. what specific vitamin will boost your calcium absorption? vitamin a, c, or d.

>> vitamin d .

>> all you need to do is go outside for 15 minutes and that's enough for your day.

>> okay but sunscreen after that.

>> if you don't do this you should go to your doctor because it might be poor leg circulation or side effects of medication.

>> what is this.

>> colored teeth. one of these foods does not stain your teeth. is it tea, berries, red wine or ketchup.

>> natalie .

>> i'm going to say berries.

>> i'm going to say you're wrong.

>> i'm going to say red wine .