TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

TODAY anchors show off ‘dad dancing’ skills

The TODAY anchors chat about the topics making headlines today, including the addition of the term “dad dancing” to the Oxford English Dictionary, which inspires Al and Willie to demonstrate some of their moves.

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>> take three. this is a wonderful way to start the show.

>> i love it.

>> isn't it fantastic. you maybe eating a late breakfast. we'll help you out here. latest fast food photographs.

>> this is not a good one.

>> this is from a wendy 's.

>> if you like a flurry, how would you like it directly in your mouth.

>> okay. all right. let's face it, if you could do it, couldn't you? come on. come on.

>> you have dreams about that, right?

>> this was posted yesterday along with the line i was going to buy a frostie from wendy 's until i saw the employees do this. someone snapped a photograph.

>> do we know if that someone was an employee at wendy 's.

>> it was from behind the camera.

>> we reached out to wendys to see what they had to say about it. they did talk to one newspaper saying if this is true it's totally inexcusable, we are investigating and we will take action.

>> i think this is a revenue stream for them. you get a chance to just unlimited frostie. you just --

>> right, yeah.

>> you do the swirl where you get them both going.

>> they weigh you before and then they weigh you afterwards and whatever the increase in your weight is, you pay the difference.

>> yeah.

>> you eliminate the cup. it's great for the environment.

>> true, that is true. there are advantages.

>> wendy 's use this --

>> wendy 's is not loving this, though. this comes on the heels of the taco bell picture that we saw.

>> yeah, the guy licking the shells.

>> those went into the garbage.

>> but he actually got fired for that. so, you know --

>> yeah, we have seen a bunch of these.

>> a lot of these.

>> the reality, there's a burger king one where the guy was standing in the lettuce.

>> right. which leaves us all to question what is happening behind the counters when we're ordering our food.

>> one thing that's happening is everyone has a camera now. do you think this wasn't happening in the 70s and 80s? yeah it was happening. we just didn't have pictures of it.

>> i really don't even want to see what was happening or know more about that.

>> you don't.

>> makes you swear off a restaurant for life, right?

>> you to assume because there's inspections, the majority, the vast majority of employees at these restaurants are very diligent and take their food safety seriously.

>> except the ones that bathe in the sink.

>> exactly.

>> and any chance to stick their head in a frostie.

>> i once worked at a pizza joint, i'm not going to give the name, if you ever worked in the kitchen in the summer it gets really hot so all the employees would hang out in the walk in refrigerator. now the owners of the pizza joint liked to smoke cigarettes so we would hang out in the refrigerator and they would crush cigarettes over the shredded cheese and everything.

>> smoked mozzarella is very good.

>> again. you're right on it. smoked sausage, you name it. they were ahead of their time .

>> the worst i ever did was one time the customer asked for de decaf was gone so i gave them regular.

>> did they start --

>> i don't know. it was a sleepless night i'm sure.

>> gluten free fries and you just put bread on them.

>> we all had at one point you're like i can't make another pot of decaf right now. it takes too long.

>> customers are really the facts in the news stories, i'm just going to make them up.

>> don't you ever worry about sending a food back based on what's happening back there.

>> i send it back if it's not cooked well enough or whatever and then you're worried about what are the extras. what are the condiments.

>> i hope everybody is enjoying their breakfast.

>> what are the extras.

>> we should move to take 2 now.

>> another great call al. another great call. take two, the oxford english dictionary announced the latest update. 1200 newly revised and updated words. new words include dad dancing.

>> to demonstrate the dad dancing al and willy will show you before --

>> it's awkward, unfashionable unrestrained dancing to pop music typically performed by over aged men.

>> it's the will smith hitch. this is where you live. none of that.

>> i'm insulted they didn't call it mom dancing.

>> there's mom dancing too.

>> is that in the dictionary.

>> sure, michelle obama did it.

>> but she is good at it. mom dancing is that we're not as awkward.

>> no, it's awkward.

>> you're in the shoulders too.

>> you're awkward and you're wearing those jeans. the mom jeans and the mom shoulders.

>> it's a lot of off beat step touch.

>> you can do that.

>> at the same time, you can do the shopping cart .

>> we got to see you drunk at a wedding.

>> it's not good. moving on to take three.

>> take three, the new face of photographs, there's a clever new ad campaign out in south africa actually that shows iconic photographs as if they have been taken as selfies. we've got this -- this is a couple -- famous times square kiss.

>> i love that. that is brilliant.

>> jfk and jackie kennedy .

>> a little shot in the back of the limousine.

>> what else we got here. oh, that's a great one.

>> that's fantastic.

>> this is brilliant.

>> that's great.

>> it's part of a campaign.

>> an advertising campaign .

>> yeah, trying to help out a newspaper.

>> what would be great is if you could take a selfie with your mouth under a wendy 's frostie.

>> somebody's on it already.

>> as part of the iphone discussion there's been talk about what your iphone case says about you.

>> what does your iphone says about you when it's disgusting and covered with junk.

>> stuff gets in there.

>> mine is just plain black which means i lose it a lot but you can get like these --

>> mine is very boring. i don't have it with me but it's plain. it's nothing. it's white. it's a white case. it does nothing. i'm a minimalist.

>> yeah, you're a minimalist.

>> there's one called the nerd. you trade pokemon cards .

>> okay. the sentimentalist. the klutz because you drop it all the time. the bad --

>> oh, look at that.

>> bad bling.

>> in other words it's brass knuckles .

>> like that.

>> the adult child.

>> when you see an adult with a hello kitty phone it's like, really?

>> the hipster.

>> reclaimed wood cases.

>> well you have a really cool case --

>> i love that thing. that looks cool.

>> you know you're supposed to bring your phones to the set.

>> i know, adam levine i was swooning so i forgot everything.

>> all right.

>> yours is the best. i like your with the book.

>> i'll show it to you