TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

Demand grows to label genetically modified food

Take a stroll down the grocery store aisle and many of the products you see contain at least one genetically modified ingredient. While experts say the food is safe, a number of states have passed or are considering laws that require such foods to be labeled. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.

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>> do you know what's really in the food you eat? it is the subject of passionate debate. ann thompson is here with details on that story. good morning to you.

>> good morning. you probably heard the terms genetically modified or engineered food. it is far more prevalent than you realize. an increasingly it's a hot button topic because it boils down to how much you know about the food you're serving your family.

>> reporter: stroll down any grocery aisle, pick up an item and you'll find plenty of information about calories, sodium and nutrients. what you won't find is the term genetically modified even though products contain at least one ingredient.

>> corn flakes , sew district attorney -- sodas, it's in most processed foods .

>> the dna in the crop is altered. it's adding a gene to make it resistant to insects or help it tolerate weed killers. what does it mean when it gets to your plate.

>> those products in the food supply now are considered safe and are as nutritious as their nongenetically modified counter parts.

>> reporter: even so there's growing demand products be labeled.

>> if we're going to prove they're safe there should be nothing to fear about labeling. it will allow us to track better the impact of the foods on the health.

>> labels would only make consumers think such products are unsafe when the fears are unfounded. the bio technology industry association saying mandatory labeling is misleading and unsupported by any criteria relating to science, health or nutrition.

>> but labels are coming. this month connecticut and maine passed laws requiring foods containing genetically modified be labeled as much if other states do the same.