TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

Rancic supports Miss USA’s swimsuit competition

Giuliana Rancic, a co-host of the upcoming Miss USA pageant, speaks out in support of the swimsuit competition. It recently became a topic of debate after the Miss World pageant decided to eliminate their bikini competition out of respect for the host country of Indonesia.

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>>> to keep the swim suit competition. that's after ms. world decided not to keep it. ms. usa is on for sunday and guilianna is on. you supported that and now it's trending.

>> yeah. absolutely. i mean, why not? these women, as you'll see sunday night on the pageant are incredibly fit. they have wonderful muscle tone, definition, i mean, they really, really work hard at being healthy at being fit and they're proud to be in a bikini, so why not?

>> what did you say after it's daughter father's day on sunday? just kidding.

>> donald trump said there aren't going to be any changes because this is what gets the ratings. is this more than just -- is this all about ratings?

>> you know, i'm not sure it's all about ratings. they've had the bikini competition since the beginning of the pageant but certainly people want to tune in to see these beautiful girls but they're so much more than that. in fact, the current ms. usa is a two time all american volleyball player at ucla and incredibly well educated. a great girl so i think what is nice and they're just the total package and that's why people tune in.

>> all right. well, if they want to tune in they can do it on nbc at 9:00, 8:00 central time .