TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

Is ‘Zesty’ Kraft ad too hot to handle?

A  new print ad featuring a nearly-nude spokesman for Kraft’s “Zesty” dressing is being called “disgusting” by the group One Million Moms, who are asking “what is this really selling?”

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>>> trending on twitter. take a look at the ad. you've all seen it, the new zesty guy for craft. the commercials show this hunky chef who literally loses his shirt off his back while he's making that hot dish. so we're going to show it to you right there. apparently though the heat got too much for the group after he tweeted as the zesty guy he said, quote, this, i've been waiting for you and the add apparently has appeared in people magazine . you see, it shows pretty much him wrapped in --

>> that's worse than the actual tv commercial .

>> the million moms group is calling it disgusting saying what is it selling? it's selling a lot more than dressing.

>> or undressing.

>> the tv ad is cheesey but the print ad is a little over the line.

>> that's like the old burt reynolds cosmo. doesn't leave a lot to the imagination.

>> no. where's the ants at the picnic when you need