TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

Report: Obama’s Africa trip could cost $60-100 million

The upcoming trip for President Barack Obama and his family could have an unprecedented price tag.

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>>> popular stories is on the washington postwebsite. it's a trip the first family is going to take to south africa and tanzania. the trip is not what's making the headlines but it's the cost of the trip, especially when it comes to securing and keeping the first family safe. do you want to have a guest at the estimates of what it's going to cost.

>> 10s of millions?

>> 30, 40.

>> between 60 and $100 million. good reason. hundreds of u.s. secret service agents dispatched to secure facilities. military cargo planes will air lift support vehicles. bullet proof glass to cover the windows of hotel. you want to keep the president and the first family safe but people are saying in difficult economic times that's a lot of money.

>> any time the president travels he has that kind of security or is it over and above because it's africa.

>> no they're saying it could be unprecedented because of the cost. president clinton went there in the 1990s . that trip cost about $40 million.

>> but with inflation.

>> exactly right. here's what caught my attention. they planned to do a little safari in tanzania but that would have required the president's special counter assault team to carry sniper rifles that could neutralize cheetahs.

>> that's what you don't want from the president.

>>> lions, tigers and bears.