TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

The Duggars help Jenna Wolfe practice parenting

TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe pays a visit to the Duggar family in Arkansas, where Josh and Anna Duggar welcomed their third child, Marcus, and gets some parenting practice and advice from parents of 19 Michelle and Jim Bob.

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>>> of the country's largest families just got bigger. jenna wolfe is in arkansas with the newest edition to the duggar clan, good morning.

>> good morning. they got bigger because of a grand kid and i walked into this living room a few months pregnant and i'll get advice at first. but first, we're here. you guys have been great to have me. 19 kids and 3 grand kids. little marcus who we'll get to know in a little bit but first, here's our afternoon with the duggars . welcome to grand central , a well choreographed frenzy of family otherwise known as the duggars and in the midst of all of this, meet little marcus .

>> this is little marcus .

>> at just 12 days old he's the latest edition. jim bob and michelle's third grand kid.

>> all these sweet grand babies. we're loving it. it's so fun.

>> did he dress himself?

>> no.

>> josh, the oldest of the 19 and his wife anna are enjoying their mom and dad in new roles as grandparents.

>> are they different grandparents than they were parents?

>> they like to make that clear. these are your kids. we can enjoy them, we can have all the fun we want but at the end of the day it's here you go.

>> it's only a matter of time before marcus gets to know his entire duggar clan.

>> caleb john, jill, joseph, josiah, james, justin, josie.

>> wow.

>> growing kids means a growing pantry. there has to be 400 hot dogs in there.

>> could be.

>> here, everything is super sized . when lunch rolls around, 21 pounds of fruit. some 40 tortillas.

>> how do you decide who you're going to sit next two.

>> reporter: double that when it comes to laundry. 80 loads in a week.

>> all right. we did one load. we only have 79 more to go. but when it comes to numbers right now it's all about 12 as in 12 days old and counting for baby marcus .

>> are you completely open to potentially having the kind of family that josh grew up with.

>> it's not about how many or are you going to go for a certain number. it's about the children you're given you do the very best you can.

>> and here is everybody right here including this little guy. this is marcus . i have to tell you, i was only planning to have one kid when i met the duggars . now i'll be having 18 more children. we should also mention tlc is running a special father's day episode of 19 kids and counting this sunday night. you might want to tune into that. this is little marcus , 12 days old. let me ask you, josh, are you going to follow in your parent's footsteps at all? do you have plans for a large family like you grew up with.

>> it is very fun and i think having children around is always a blessing and this little guy --

>> early morning . children are a gift from the lord and when you look at them that way and more of an investment and really looking beyond yourself i think that's what is so important. they're rewarding. i enjoy our three.

>> your three right now.

>> three right now.

>> we'll take it one at a time.

>> michelle and jim bob , you're grandparents. three time grandparents now. if anyone is going to get advice about parenting, not for me but all the expecting moms out there. give me a nugget. something that made you do all of this so well.

>> you're doing a great job. just enjoy them. enjoy pregnancy. enjoy those babies, they grow up fast.

>> jim bob anything you can pass along? she had them all but you were right there.

>> the bible says be fruitful and multiply.

>> okay can i come back now with all 18 and 19 of the kids.

>> they would probably slip right in and we probably wouldn't notice.

>> you won't mind if i borrow this guy just to practice.

>> you can have some practice today.

>> marcus , thank you so much. you have quite a little life ahead of you all of your little aunts and uncles but he's going to sleep right through it. thank you for having us. we'll send it back to you guys in new york now.

>> thank you you fit right in there with your j name.

>> coming up, al pays a father's day tribute to his dad.

>> and a live concert from