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TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton take Chicago stage

In what some are saying could be a preview of 2016, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton are showcasing their leadership skills at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in Chicago. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>> first a lot of talk this morning about two participants at the clinton global initiative in chicago. hilary clinton and chris christie . peter has more on that. good morning.

>> good morning. in hollywood they probably call this a double feature . clinton spoke thursday, chris christie speaks today and their actions are fuelling a lot of speculation about 2016 . think about this unique venue. today it's bill clinton that could be advising his wife's next presidential bid giving her possible rival chris christie the range to show case his own leadership skills.

>> reporter: call it hilary clinton 3.0.

>> after visiting 112 nations over four years i'm still jet lagged.

>> reporter: but no signs of wear as clinton and chris christie share the stage. perhaps a preview of 2016 . not even five months after departing as secretary of state, the first lady is essentially raising the curtain on her next act empowering women and girls.

>> when women participate in politics the effects ripple out across society.

>> reporter: he recent return to the spotlight appears carefully choreographed. the newly renamed bill, hilary and chelsea foundation and a new twitter account. followers waiting to hear what's tbd. as for chris christie , the jersey shore reopening and carnival playing presidential pal is the former president's guest of honor speaking this afternoon while his republican rivals address a conference of religious conservatives. for the moment, christie is focused on 2013 , not 2016 eyeing his own race in a heavily blue state .

>> come on jimmy, do you think i would come on this show to announce a presidential run.

>> reporter: still plenty of time for that. just 1253 days to go.

>> 2016 is on whether either side acknowledges it or not.

>> neither side is acknowledging it. clinton is launching a new partnership called too small to fail and in the process she is making a public shift from her past focus on global issues to those here at home. it's an issue she cares a lot about as well.

>> thank you very much.

>> i love political reporters. they were talking about 2016 the day after 2012 . they can't