TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

Miami pier collapses throws dozens into bay

The outdoor deck behind a popular Miami-area sports bar that was crowded with basketball fans Thursday night collapsed, throwing patrons into Biscayne Bay, injuring over 20 people, including three critically. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>> a story, the frightening deck collapse in miami as they were watching the nba finals on tv.

>> divers spent the night searching the water making sure no one was trapped. mark is there for us this morning.

>> good morning to you savannah. you can see the deck behind me. they were here cheering on the heat in the nba finals when suddenly this deck and a lot of people fell into the water.

>> all of a sudden we hear this crack happen. i thought a boat hit the deck.

>> reporter: police say the accident occurred around 9:45 p.m . at shuckers bar and grill in miami . customers were watching the heat play the spurs in the nba finals when as many as 100 people fell into several feet of water when the deck of the sports bar collapsed.

>> you hear crunch, crunch, pillar coming down, people screaming and people yelling.

>> reporter: eric williams heard the collapse and rushed to help.

>> i went into the water and my son was pulling people out of the war. the war was a little bit slimy.

>> reporter: 24 people were taken to area hospitals for treatment, two of them in serious condition.

>> as soon as our units arrived they were able to assess the scene and start rescuing people and bring them to the treatment area so we could triage them and treat them and transport them in as short a time as possible.

>> from all the information we have everybody is accounted for.

>> reporter: fortunately no one was killed in this incident. the question to be investigated now is what went wrong here. why did this occur.

>>> mark potter in miami this morning. thank you very much.