TODAY   |  June 13, 2013

12 ideas for an adult birthday party that’s not lame

Nathan Turner shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how to throw a fun birthday party for adults with everything from a whiskey bar to a grown-up pinata, surprising desserts and DIY decorations.

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so good. in you've ever plan your child's party. what about your party? nathan turner author of " american style , classic entertaining." nathan is here.

>> good to see you, buddy. let's do it. let's come to the drink section which we like already.

>> like you said, it's grown-up for the big people. i like starting out with men's shirting fabric and running with it. we covered simple party hats.

>> you can cut up old shirts if you have any around. and then little bow ties. very cute. little bow ties that can act as -- there you go.

>> i know but it's going to be hard to find one that fits.

>> cocktail napkins and placecards. here's a fun idea. a placemat made out of, what happened the year you were born.

>> 1970 , wow.

>> and because it's for adults, i made a whiskey bar . you can do any kind of liquor you'd like.

>> people still drink whiskey.

>> it's old-fashioned and fun. let people make their own.

>> very cute, nathan turner.

>> so balloons. they are fun. they are festive. but make it your own chic grown-up way. i took plastic table cloths. cut them into strips and tie them on these big modern looking round balloons. they're easy.

>> now the big thing that separates a regular party to a birthday spaert decorations and cake. you have to have an amazing birthday cake . i got all of these from magnolia bakery and decorated them very easily myself. a little water balloons tied at the top. this is from it's little camouflage paper. you just wrap it around there.

>> oh, that is really pretty.

>> and then i carried over the shirting theme on this one with a little mini banner.

>> aren't you clever?

>> and sprinkles. what adult doesn't love sprinkles.

>> and inside this, huge surprise.

>> what is it?

>> it's called a pinata cake.

>> what?

>> but wait, there's more.

>> what is it?

>> oh, i wish you could see that.

>> there's like an explosion inside.

>> there are m&ms in there.

>> how did you do it in the baking process.

>> no, you cut it out.

>> no, they are real m&ms.

>> wow.

>> pinatas, they're not just for kids. this is a really chic easy pinata that i made at home out of cardboard. it's really easy. and then we have a ping-pong ball game. so who is going to do what?

>> you've made up for it.

>> what do i do? okay.

>> oh, no. a blindfold.

>> you are used to those.

>> that's a whole other show, okay?

>> now what?

>> i'm going to tie this around your waist.

>> this is going to be one of those.

>> i told you that dress would do it.

>> wait, kath.

>> here's the stick.

>> what's happening?

>> i got the stick.

>> oh, my god! over here. over here. start whacking.

>> why do we have these backpacks on?

>> oh, my god. she's violent.

>> you knocked it down. it's over. it's over. nice job. all right. well, it's down