TODAY   |  June 13, 2013

‘Voice’ castoff: I think Danielle will win

One of the top singers on “The Voice,” Sasha Allen, got the boot this week despite a season of moving performances and wowing the judges. She tells TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb what it was like to take time away from her kids while performing, and why she thinks Danielle Bradbery will win the competition.

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>>> from the moment she belted out her first note, sasha allen turned heads and chairs, causing all four coaches to fight for her attention. sasha's journey came to an end tuesday night just a week shy of the finale. we sore happy you are with us today.

>> how are you feeling since then?

>> you know, i feel good. everybody, i think, was expecting me to feel really bad. and --

>> only because of your talent.

>> yeah, that's the reason why.

>> but you know, i found something else for me to do.

>> you gave it everything you had.

>> it wasn't, oh, i thought i could have --

>> if i didn't get to do it i would have had regrets.

>> been disappointed.

>> and that is one of the hardest songs to do. and it's so iconic. everyone knows how they sing it. that modulation.

>> do you find yourself pulling for one of the remaining singers when you watch it?

>> i haven't had a chance. it's just been --

>> is there anyone you are hoping for?

>> i do think that danielle will probably win. she's so sweet. and her mom is an angel. so --

>> but that would be a good choice?

>> that would be a great choice.

>> and you spent time away from your kids because you were busy on this. how do you feel about that and how is it getting back into your life?

>> it's horrible. we do it so we can open new doors for them but in the process, lots of tears. lots of, mommy come home.

>> what's next for you professionally. besides a good night sleep.

>> what's next? i just hope to be a household name and continue to work hard and do what i love to do.

>> we're rooting for you. you are a sweetheart. you were so great.

>> thank you.

>>> one of the hottest actors around, john stamos is going to visit us.