TODAY   |  June 13, 2013

KLG to Kanye: Let other people say you’re talented

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb go on a short-lived wine strike before they discuss the recent New York Times interview with Kanye West in which he compares his “awesomeness” to that of Steve Jobs and Michael Jordan.

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>>> from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb . live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> okay. kathie lee says we shouldn't speak this fine morning because something is missing from our table.

>> we go on wine strikes.

>> for some reason --

>> we won't do this show unless there's wine.

>> it's so sad what's happened on this table.

>> oh, jerry.

>> how about a mojito instead?

>> jerry, we love you.

>> now we can celebrate. it's thirsty thursday, june 13th . this is also a special day for my little niece ella. she's 3 years old today. so you guys, just a little happy birthday to -- come on, girl.

>> she is adorable.

>> she's three! happy birthday to little ella.

>> i think 3 was my favorite age.

>> was it?

>> yeah. yeah.

>> that was 20 years ago.

>> why was it your favorite?

>> kids are so edible. they are always great. they are learning. they are really on a tear at 3.

>> singing.

>> and funny. i love it.

>> i think that's the age cass was when we had a gentleman play pi piano for us at christmas and he was heavy, quite heavy and cassie went over to him and said, you had too many hot dogs . i was very, very upset.

>> kids tell the truth. i said, cassidy, that is not nice. you go back there and tell him you are sorry. she goes over, i sorry you had too many hot dogs . so i love that about them. they are so innocent.

>> keep her that way as long as possible.

>> we have to talk about kanye west . we talked about him yesterday. and we talked about this woman who claims to have been his mistress. we don't know what's true about that. but we learned a couple of things today. she was paid, allegedly, for the alleged story, supposedly. we're trying to be fair here.

>> yeah, yeah. is the word mistress, anyway, isn't that a very different thing than somebody who hooked up twice? a mistress is something that's an ongoing relationship and is kept in a sense, monetarily, it seems to me. so that's also alleged but that's the wrong word for us to be using.

>> i don't know if you read "the new york times" article where kanye was interviewed about his new music. heas a album called "jesus".

>> which i have a particular gripe about.

>> okay. anyway, this is what he compares himself to a bunch of people in this article. one is steve jobs . and he says, i think that kanye west is going to mean something similar to what steve jobs means. i am undoubtedly, you know, steve of internet downtown fashion, culture, period. by a long jump. i honestly feel that because steve has passed, you know, it's like when biggie passed and jay-z was allowed to become jay jay -z. okay. anyway, here's another one. this is what he compares himself to michael jordan . justice could just be clearing a path for people to dream properly. it could be clearing a path to make it fair within the arena that i play. you know if michael jordan can scream at the refs, me as kanye west , as the michael jordan of music, can go and say, this is wrong.

>> meaning when he's like stood up at the grammys and -- or whatever.

>> here's his thing about the taylor swift grabbing the mike incident. this is very profound. it's only led me to awesome truth and awesomeness. beauty, truth, awesomeness. that's all it is. if anyone's reading this waiting for some type of full-on flat apology for anything, they should just stop reading right now. okay? so there you have it.

>> i want to be awesomeness. i want some of that awesomeness. i don't get it.

>> people tell you you're wonderful. let other people tell you you're talented and if you are indeed there will be no need to discuss it. i find that --

>> i don't like when people call themselves by their own name.

>> regis did it and it didn't bother me.

>> regis is different.

>> regis and yesus, they are very different. it was adorable when regis did it. regis is here. regis would like a cup of coffee.

>> that's different. that's different than kanye feels. yeah, no, it's gross.

>> it was always with reg and there still is a sense of humility. i can't believe i get to live this life as opposed to i get to live this life because of my awesomeness. nobody likes that.

>>> if you are wondering when jennif jennif jennifer aniston and justin theroux are getting married --

>> it depends on what you read.

>> they claim the wedding is on hold because of some films they are both shooting and, number two, because their home needs renovating. they are in the middle of a renovati renovation. it takes a lot of time and energy.

>> the magazine says that they they -- you have to consider the course. neither one of them are saying. they've been engaged about ten months. i don't think that's -- you know, what it always seems to me strange when people that are older take long engagements. it just seems to me that that's something that young people are still learning what they want, who they are. maybe they take a little more time. i don't know. im so out of it about everything these days.

>> when it comes to if it's a housing renovation or something, like that seems a little unusual, i would say, don't you think, to put off a wedding?

>> we've been married almost 27 years and we've been through about 30 renovations. if you want to get married you get married. you go do it, you know?

>> doesn't matter what's ahead of you, what kind of issues you have.

>> and yet i wish -- everybody is different, hoda. i've tried to tell you that.

>> i thought you said everyone was the same.

>> no.

>> if you like -- so finally there's a movie coming out about princess diana . naomi watts --

>> there have been a couple of television ones.

>> this is the latter part her life. naomi watts is playing princess diana .

>> she's an excellent actress. they've just released a trailer. let's take a look and see what we think.

>> just video. naomi watts was reluctant to play that role.

>> i think there's this basic decency about her. she said she's got two children, will and harry and, you know is it too soon to be making a film about her life, the end of it. so much of it is true and there are things that are never flattering about anybody's life if they tell the truth. except for --

>> you.

>> yeah. so, anyway, she approached it very delicately. but she waited. weshy read the script and said the writing was so fantastic. so the movie will be released later this year.

>> i admired princess diana so much. even learning things about her later that were -- may be disappointing. it didn't matter. it didn't change the admirable traits she had and the admirable things that she did.

>> i feel the same way. for her holding the first aids baby and getting that picture, changed the perception of aids arnold the world. we were at the same time trying to build a home for aids babies in new york city and it changed our battle. people said oh, you'll not get aids from holding an aids child. and all the stuff with the mines --

>> the land mines .

>> she left an incredible legacy.

>> she did. let's talk about something trivial. so, anyway -- legacy.

>> that's my cue.

>> okay. so yesterday we told you about all the things you can stuff in your bra.

>> not all the things.

>> lip gloss, credit cards . people chimed in.

>> you also had a sweaty 20 at times.

>> sweaty money is nasty.

>> you go running and you have money in your little zipper pocket of your running shorts . and you stop to get water and you pull that sweaty 5 out and you even hate to hand it to the guy. you are like, i am so sorry but you got -- sweaty money ain't great.

>> during the season, like we've just been through with everybody, allergies. i'd go walking, running with kleenex. but by the time you're ready to blow that stuff is so soaking wet.

>> the wad. gross.

>> we asked you what you keep in your bra. people chimed in. amanda keeps her cell phone in there especially when she uses the bathroom.

>> on facebook, pamela says when she works in retail and has seen a few people pull out the sweaty 20s.

>> but we have something you don't need to shove stuff in your bra anymore. kath has something.

>> it's a garter belt. holds up to three pounds and you can fit your -- who walks around with hundreds.

>> i don't know.

>> and your credit cards . your jagermeister. that's great.

>> and your phone. and this was a present from jerry.

>> what is it?

>> jagermeister.

>> so how does it work?

>> and vodka.

>> i think you wrap it. the thing is -- it's going to have to -- you can't do anything but stand there for this not to come off, right?

>> it's velcro. it holds.

>> feel. pull it.

>> not like that. like this. see?

>> i don't know. i think it would slide.

>> it's time for a song --

>> what about me ghifg necklace away.

>> oh, yes. this is important. yesterday, fantasia was on the show and kath did something. fantasia admired her necklace. kath took it off and gave it to her. fantasia posted yesterday on instagram, thanks, kathie, for this pretty little necklace. i enjoyed talking to you ladies. so classy. what you don't know about kathie lee --

>> no, that's fine.

>> i want to say this. if you say you like something that kathie lee is wearing, she often takes it off and will give it away. if you own it --

>> if i own it. a lot of times things were borrowed from us.

>> in the makeup room we said it's so funny. didn't even strike us because you do it so often but because you did it on the air, people on facebook talked about it.

>> can i say one thing before the music. yesterday i was the happiest person in the entire world and so was frank gifford . went down to the point and what had just arrived was my flexible hose. how often do you order something and it's exactly what they said it was going to be. i go down there. i ordered four. i set it up. it takes me three seconds. it is like carrying around a piece of paper, hoda. it waters beautifully. i am -- and, frank, i gave him for father's day the best binoculars in the world. if you want to see the two happiest old farts in the world it's me with my hose and frank with his binoculars.

>> we've got to play this song. it's so good. it's worth waiting for. this is by the jonas brothers . it will get in your head.